Sri Vedavyasa Rao shares very interesting experience….

Periyava in the house of someone who did “Seruppu Malai” for Periyava photo and printed “Sankaracharyare Thirumbi Po” posters!!!  Prasadams to Sri Pasumpon Muthulinga Devar and other DMK ministers; miraculous detection of tumor etc…Do you know that Madhwas chant Sri Rudram on Maha Shivarathiri??? Simply amazing experiences shared by Sri Rao narrates here……

Please note that I am fully aware of the reference to DMK ministers. This is dated back in 1960s and the very reason I decided to publish is to show the power of Periyava’s prasadams etc. Karunanidhi’s wife or Stalin’s wife being devotees of Hindu gods is no longer a secret and mentioning that is no big deal nowadays – almost all media covers them. In fact I still have the picture of MK’s wife doing namaskaram to Sri Satya Saibaba…. So, let us not worry too much about this video being public – i removed the reference to the ministers’ names etc…..

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  1. Oh, what good deeds should I have done in order to have served Mahaswamigal like those three and many others! When we used to go to our local temple in Madras on Avani Avittam days, we chilldren used to be so shy to show our bare chests displaying the sacred thread fearing that people on the road would tease us. We used to walk so gingerly to the temple. He the Supreme Mother would have made us comfortable in the same way He told a person in another video, “do not remove your tuft of hair, no one will tease you and even if they do, do not worry”.

    What will it be to have all those who have given their interviews and the other close disciples in one room and talk to them!

    I lay down at His feet for ever.

    Thank you Shri Mahesh and Shri Shivaraman.

  2. Devotees’ experiences with Mahaperiyavaa- interview with Mayavaram Srimathi Vijayalakshmi- may please included in the TOP POSTS,please

    • “top posts” category is auto-created by and I guess it depends on the number of visits each post gets…the best I can do is to add it to “Mahesh’s picks” category……

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  3. Sri.Sivaraman, May I request you on the following: During the course of the interviews with devotees,kindly request

    people around having cellphone, to set it in silent mode or better keep it off! May I add, no news is greater than the

    news you receive from devotees/we hear from devotees. The nadhaswaram ring tone is pleasant and may herald

    an auspicious message! If the landlines have the provision, the ringtone may be low, in the devotees’ residences. These

    distractions may disturb the flow of memories of the devotees interviewed,who recapitulate the events happenned 40/50

    years back sometimes with the exact day,date and month

    May I also request you to arrange to add the interview with Mayavaram Srimathi Vijayalaksmi in the recent/old/new posts

    Let our Periyavaa devotees not miss her reference to Vittalur paatti- her strict aachaaram and madi than Mahaperiyvaa

    Himself(as jocularly mentioned by Srimathi Vijayalakshmi) and how the cow loosened herself from the knot tied to the

    pole and ran all the way to the cremation ground to do three pradhakshinaas to the funeral pyre of Vittalur Paatti, also

    the diamond ring offered to the sea on lunar eclipse day as instructed by Mahaperiyavaa!

    Regards Sri.Sivaraman and Sri. Mahesh

  4. Periyaval’s love embraces every body. The more someone hates him, the faster he comes into his folds. It seems Periyva had asked a devotee(who would do the work quitetly and keep a low profile) to put up a “Thaneer Pandal” (Free drinking water service) in a locality where the Justice Party(todays DK equivalents) people use to meet and harangue abuses on Hindu Gods and Brahmins. Apparently the local brahmin community was annoyed of this service by the particular person and later came to know that it was Periyaval’s kindness which ordered the bhaktha to extend this service even to those who defy him.

  5. amazing MIracles..every devotee must read this great experience..

  6. Significantly the calendar that hangs on the right of Mr Rao has the title ‘Madhva Bandhu’! HE is in fact everyone’s bandhu.

  7. Dear Mahesh
    You are doing a wonderful service.God and Acharyas will bless you.
    One humble request. Put your picture at the bottom and Acharya’s picture ONLY at the top.
    No offence.It is only a suggestion to improve the appearance of your site.
    Your service is marvelous
    God Bless You.
    london swaminathan.

  8. Respected Sri. Mahesh and Ganesha Sharma Mama,

    Just moved with this interview. Best one among those slots. I don’t know how to express my feelings, become silent. Periva is still with us and we can speak to HIM, I am confident.

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