Smt Savithri Mahadevan talks ….

Smt Savithri shares her experience. She is like a kid cherishing even small moments when Mahaperiyava turned to the direction where she was standing etc. Also she talks about how she donated $$$ for veda pata sala as per our Guru’s direction……Very true devotion…..Enjoy!


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  1. link get snapped,so we cannot enjoy the experience of Savithri patti.we miss great people like this.We appreciate very much your great service to the devotees of MAHA PERIYAVAAL.

  2. Even Queen Elizabeth, with her protocol and preparation, would not give such a nice interview, recapitulating events. Behold her beauty in her child-like curiosity,simplicity. She is still a 85 years

    young child. Didn’t say some body is nomore, said “they reached Swami” as we tell our children. REFERRED TO SOME SANSKRIT SLOKAAS WHICH THE GANAPADIGAL RENDERED GANAM

    I could not follow

    All the best to al

    Thank you,mahesh and sivaraman. Amidst your job-related responsibilities in chicago, you are doing such a wonderful service

  3. At her age,what clarity & devotion sh has of Maha Periyavaa..Inspiring indeed..
    my experiences which is published under the Sathapthi souvenir herebelow for those real devotees..

    • Thank you Sir, I am blessed to read it. It was like I had tasted nectar. I am extremely proud and happy to hear of Mahaswamigal’s blessings for your family.


  4. Very sweet Shri Mahesh. I miss such caring and affectionate Paatis. God bless her.

  5. I embedded a wrong code….fixed now….

  6. Hi Shri Mahesh,

    The youtube link is missing, you may have forgotten to embed it.


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