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  1. contd… Cordial relations between Maths:

    Auditor Late Shri G.Venkatrama Iyer (Father of Auditor Shri Balu), then upa-mudradhikari of Srimath, had once took part in a grand reception arranged for Shri Abhinava Vidya Tirtha Swamigal of Sringeri Math at TIruvarur (during1950s). He received the visiting swamiji on behalf SriKanchi Kamakoti Peetam.

    On the next day, Venkatrama Iyer got an opportunity of meeting the swamigal once again. He openly requested the swamigal to clarify whether He or His disciples were against SriKamakoti Math. Sri AbhinavavidyaTirtha asked Venkatrama Iyer to be there for some more time and proceeded with the archana of Sri Ambal.

    After the poojas were over, the swamigal started the conversation in front of His disciples.
    Sringeri swamigal : Did you observe the Archana namavali?
    Venkatrama Iyer : I did.
    Swamigal : Did you observe the namas – Kamakshyai nama:, Kamakotikayai nama: etc., We also worship
    kamakoti kamakshi, the principal deity of Kamakoti pitha. Then why should there be any kind of
    enemity against Sri kamakoti Pitha?
    Iyer & Other Disciples : !!!!!….

    This incident was personally narrated to me by Late Shri.G.Venkatarama Iyer.

  2. contd..

    The vidvans sent from the Srimath also performed upanyasams on Sankara vijayam and Srikanchi Jagatguru parampara prabhavam in various towns and villages.The disciples of Srimath got the opportunity to know about the glories of the Sankara Guru parampara. Many Books and pamphlets on the subject were also prepared and distributed freely amongst the disciples as per the UTHARAVU of SriMahaperiyava.

    Sri Pudu periyava was camping in Assam and Sri Bala Periyava was with SriMahaperiyava at that time. All the events were regularly reported to Their Holiness and the visit of the swami was very much smooth and cordial except one or two instances. Almost in all the places the sishyas of Srimath offered Bhikshavandanam to the visiting Swami.

  3. >Mahaperiyaval never would,have felt bad and infact would have encouraged the kanchi mut bakthas to do the Bikshavandanam and Pada poojai to Sringeri Acharyals>

    Normally a sishya of a matha can offer bhikshavandana to any yati who visits his place. However, if he performs paada pooja for that yati, then he is construed as the sishya of that yati. Similarly, the customary offers such as the Acharya sambhavana (made during upanayanam, marriages etc.,), pada pooja kannikaa, varsha vardhana (annual contributions) are to be offered *only* to the Acharya and not to other yatis. Therefore, the sishyas of our math were directed by our Acharya to offer bhikshavandanam to the visiting swami at that time.

    When some sishyas sought for clarifications from the Math, SriMahaperiyava sent mahavidvans like Manjakudi Late.Rajagopala Sastrigal and ardent devotees like Mudikondan Late Vanjinatha Iyer and others to the Delta district who spoke about SriMahaperiyava’s directions to the sishyas in this respect.

  4. I feel that bhakthas must not enter into any sort of arguments. By the grace of God, we have had in our midst many Acharyas and they all took avatharas only to educate us how to lead our life which will enable us to realize
    HIM. That alone should be our endeavor. HARA HARA SANKARA JAYA JAYA SANKARA

  5. Dear Devotees, I am sorry that i had posted my comment in a haste move. Right or wrong such comment made has triggered a chain of reaction. This place(site) should not be made a place for arguments. Request all to forget this comment and try to always look at the Best qualities of others and Adverse qualities of ourselves.(which is nothing but Periyaval’s way of life and advice)

  6. I also feel the author must edit anything which might create/offend the real bakthas of Adi Sankara anywhere.we must remember that Maha Periyavaa is not just a Kanchi Mutt Acharya..He is Adi Sankara Himself..this has been aptly described by Sringeri Mahasannidhanam Himself when Maha Periyavaa attained sidhdhi..”He is a Jeevan Muktha indeed..”

  7. I dont think of any negativity – it is an incident that nicely narrates a very typical devotee and his mindset and the kind of normal dilemma that he would go through in tricky situations…. Periyavas – regardless of the mutt – won’t entertain such narrow thoughts. However, the people around them could do all damages. I edited several of their names of the people from the interview to stick with the main story….Also Sri Balu was under the wrong assumption about Periyava’s potential thought but it ended in the way that we all knew how it would end – that is Periyava…

    If you listen to Kizhathanjavur Sri Subramanian’s talk, he narrates an example where Sringeri mutt sued Kanchi mutt and went to the extent of declaring that Kanchi mutt is not a proper peetam at all. Finally Kanchi mutt had to fight it back and got it done at London – apparently this happened during pre-independence time…..I am positive that these were done mainly by some half-baked devotees, which put the name of the mutt under trouble….

    These are my humble thoughts….

  8. I concur with Sri Balaji Venkataraman

  9. yes sir, as above

  10. The content of the video seems to be negatively contributing to the ideas of this site. Mahaperiyaval never would,have felt bad and infact would have encouraged the kanchi mut bakthas to do the Bikshavandanam and Pada poojai to Sringeri Acharyals. He had all along discouraged the attitude of differentiating between the various Shankara Mutts(especially betwen kanchi and Sringeri). There were several incidents(Please refer to Maitreem Bhajatha, Mahaperiyaval darisana Anubavangal) when Periyaval had condemned the act of kanchi mutt bhakthas for not having darshan of Sringeri Acharyal (when Sringeri Acharyal had camped in their towns).

    This was also the same case with Sringeri Acharyal towards kanchi Mutt.

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