Dr Veezhinathan on Paramacharya and Lord Rama

Dr Veezhinathan’s background as introduced in this speech is impeccable. His versatility in all languages including Sanskrit and his speech and delivery is crowd-pulling. In these two short-speeches, he compares how Lord Rama & Paramacharya exhibits their paramartha swaroopam…..Don’t miss…..For convenience, i split the speech into two parts – first on Periyava and second on Lord Rama……Enjoy!

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  1. Dear Sir
    It is great to hear from this scholar about Paramacharyal and also about Lord Ram. I am one of the PhD student doing research On Lord Ram, I will be happy If I could get Dr.Veezhinathan’s contact details, so that I can get his valuable insights.
    Hope you can help and advise me accordingly.
    Ravi Subramaniam
    Toronto, Canada
    (Former student of Sri Sankara Arts and Science college, Kanchipuram)

  2. Sri Mahesh

    thank you once again on the video series by Sri Veezhinathan. One one hand i feel blessed to see such videos by such staunch/ sacred devotees of Sri MahaPeriyava but on the other hand, i ponder “whats the purpose of my life? am i even worthy to consider myself a MahaPeriyava devotee. I don’t know Sanskrit or a lot of slokas or vedas. Financially or professionally ,i wouldn’t consider myself successful either nor can i call myself a philanthropist either… ” ,, just over the last few years, since i have really come to know about MahaPeriyava i feel blessed, satisfied and kind of a fulfillment in my heart …

    Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara
    Kanchi Sankara Kamakshi Sankara
    Kaladi Sankara Kamakoti Sankara

  3. R. Kumaraswamy,
    I would like to hear the remaining lectures on Ramayana by Veezhinathan if it can be posted.

    Thank you for your service.

  4. It has become a very difficult affair to open the link,every time time it displays,there is some problem,please try later.i feel very sad .

  5. Dear Mahesh, Thank you very much for your new post- Dr. Veezhinathan on Paramacharya and Lord Rama

    With Rama’s Grace, I started doing Likitha Japam of Rama, two days back. Last night when I went to bed quite late by 2,am, my mind was brooding over the subject of Mahaperiyava and His Rama and the incidents/occasions He referred to and extolled the efficacy of the sacred nama. Sheer Divine coincidence, when I switched on the internet, again late in the morning today, your post on” Dr.Veezhinathan on Paramacharya Lord Rama” shattered me by surprise. I recapitulate the mention on Thukkiri Patti by Mahaperiyava,on how she was later referred to as “Ramar Patti,on howthat Pillayar kovil in her village agraharam came to be known as “ramar pillayar kovil” because of her, on how Mahaperiyava comforted a mentally- troubled devotee ” Unakkenna, unakkuththan un raman irukkane”, on how a devotee escaped unscathed, while crossing the rails, from a speeding train approached him close by and to which incident Mahaperiyava told”unnai, andha Raman thaan kaappaathinan”, on how Mahaperiyava was reciting Rama nama, while being taken to His prede-cessor Guru for dheekshai by Munuswami in the bullock cart and because that was the only japam He knew then as a thirteen year old

    Now, I know that that was the Nama that gave us Mahaperiyava

    Request to interview Veezhi(as was called affectionately by Mahaperiyava) to include in “Devotees’ Experiences with Mahaperiyava,What a great scholar Dr.Veezhi is,an expert in kavi Kalidasa’s works, the bestowed family associated with Kanchi Mutt for 150 years and his personal good rapport with Mahaperiyava. We can not stand anywhere nearby when they discuss intricate Sanskrit literature!

    Seems there was a discourse on Ramayana following the commemoration of the Aradhana festival in Sankara Nethralaya and if it was recorded, May you kindly post the same as this was also a part of Aradhana celebrations

    May we start Rama nama likitha Japam, by the blog subscribers, to be installed suitably in the Vedha Patasalai at Eechangudi or the birth place of Thukkiri Patti-one count less than the great saint Thyagaraja’s ie. 95,99,99,999

    No. of members and the no. of years? Proposed to my people in my village, where-ever widespread, whichever feasible on any Aradhana anniversary-low key,silent project!

    All the best to all


    • Dear Sri Srinivasan,

      Sorry for the late response….you’re absolutely right about Lord Rama Nama and its power……It is an excellent idea to start Rama Nama Japa at the dawn of the new year and keep it going…I am too inexperienced to kickoff something like this…..if anyone has any ideas on how we can encourage more of our readers to do this, I will really appreciate this…

  6. Can we have more from this scholar devotee? Please.

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