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  1. Vaishnava Temple incident..reminds me of Ilaya Raja prostrating with a huge sum of money at the LOtus feet of Maha Periyavaa.Periyavaa asked him “You want to give only to me or you will give it to any one whom I suggest?”
    Ilayaraja says :”whatever Periyavaa orders’
    Priyavaa:”Go to Ahobila Jeer.He needs this money to build the famous Srirengam temple and ask him to give one Floor for you..”
    Ilaya raja did so by building one floor of the famous Srirengam temple..a unique incident unforgettable ever!

  2. Very nice!

  3. Dear Mahesh,

    My father has few nice incidents to share that he had with Periyava. could you provide me with your personal email where i can send you the address and phone no of my parents. pl let me know.

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