Brahmasri Gudalur Ramachandran Sastrigal talks about Periyava

Shri Gudalur Sastrigal due to his age is unable to talk cohesively remembering all the events. His son has tremendously helped in this interview to assist him and also narrate so that listeners don’t lose the interest….. In fact, I have never heard of anyone who has memorized entire 18 puranas…..But if you pay attention to the details, you can find the great ancestral backgrounds and their command over various sastras.

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  1. Very much vibrating and awe inspiring after hearing this video of my grandfather.
    Needless to say that all his children, grandchildren were very much proud of him.
    And Mr. Mohan Ramiah- regarding sastrigal’s stotrams, you can get it from

  2. Thanks for the video, good to know and listen

  3. I will stop saying this is The Best. Every devotee’s interaction seems to have happened in a different yugam. Did everything with Mahaswamigal happen only in Those 100 years? Each person’s experience seem like a different Avataram of His.

    Thanks Shri Mahesh and Shri Shivaraman.

  4. I am sure you will let us have the stotrams of Sri Sastrigal to all of us.

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