Brahmasri Sri Pattu Sastry talks about Mahaperiyava – Don’t miss!

Sri Pattu Sastry has been interacting with Periyava since he was 9 years old. His father was an authority in dharma sastram in those days in the mutt. He is sharing very great details and incidents. He is a maha baghyawan to be blessed by Him in several ways……Some of the incidents he narrates here are the ones that we have read in Sakthi Vikatan (preparing meal for RV etc) with his reference. Have you heard of anyone doing “drushti” for Mahaperiyava?? Have you heard  about someone doing prokshanam to Periyava and applying sandhanam kunkumam to Periyava to Him on the day He attained Siddhi? In this video , you will hear such incident.  Don’t miss this!

We all would be considered lucky if we could do namaskaram to him. I plan to do this next time I go to India.

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  1. We have been fortunate to be associated with Sri. Pattu Sastrigal for the past 40 years. He is not only Guru for our family, but also for my wife’s family. He performed my wife’s Grand father’s Sathabhishekam, our parents’ Sathabhishekam, our marriage, our children’s marriages, our Sashtiabdapurthy and many, many functions in our family. His is the final word in all the major functions in our family. Only yesterday we met him after our return from abroad. He told us about this interview and asked his grand daughter to send the link to us. Thank you very much for compiling the talks of Sri. Pattu Sastrigal about Mahaperiava. Please keep up the good work. We would like to hear more and more about the great sage.

  2. I am blessed to hear and see this video.

  3. Divine feeling hearing from Sri Pattu Sastry talking about Mahaperiyavaa.


  4. Hi,
    i am proud to say here that Sri Pattu sastri only performed my son Chi.Ramesh’s upanayanam at kancheepuram in Ramanatha swamy temple just at the corner of Ekamereshwarar temple.Sri mahaepriyawar came to the temple when upanayanam was going.What sweet memory was there at that time.even Pattu Satrigal always remembers this incident and tells us whenever we meet.Great Pandit Pattu sastrigal and great Kanchi Maha periyawa.Thank you for uploading this video.
    Rama Narasimhan.
    (Late Mecheri Raman Narasimhan;s wife.)

  5. Anna,

    First accept my humble pranams to you and shivaraman anna ..but for you both we would not have experienced this bliss of listening and seeing from the great devotees of mahaperiyava……

    Awaiting for more …..One more request ..when you come to india next time and if you plan to meet Sri Pattu mama then please let me know.I will also accompany he staying in chennai ??

    Also do you have such videos (exp ) narrated by srikantan mama,vedapuri mama,baalu mama.I wish i could meet them and do namaskaram as well.

    Panampetu kannan mama is no more.


  6. Dear Shri Mahesh,

    I see your appeal to us to pay our respects to Sri Pattu Sastri in memory of Mahaswami. While that would be certainly welcome, I would personally like to pay my respects to YOU for having brougtht out volumes of matter, audio, video and reading material, all so useful, on Mahaswamigal, when you come here next time.

    • Dear Shri Swaminathan,

      Thanks for your kind words. As I said earlier, I am only a webmaster and all the hard work is done by Shri Shivaraman…all the hardwork done by us will be paid off only if all our readers listen/watch/read the articles and benefit out of this…..

      Let us pray Mahaperiyava to bless us all with knowledge and wisdom.

      Jaya jaya shankara
      Hara hara shankara

  7. Oh, what it is to have a Mother like Him! What Supreme Compassion!


  1. Invitation from Brahmasri Meycheri Pattu Sastrigal for 122nd Jayanthi @W.Mambalam | Sage of Kanchi

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