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  1. Dear Sri Mahesh,I am an ardent devotee from Mudikondan who was knowns as mudikondan gopu. some still know me by that nameI had the paduka Dhiksha of periaval. my mother a widow who does not get out of the house as peryester years praxise was blessed by Mahaperiaval by uninvited gust and he gave dharsan to her. many people of my family cicle , were intoduced to periaval byindicating that they are related to me.My upanayanam was done in his presence at Anai thandavapuram.I was tough boy and He made what I am to day . My aththes son, mudikondan srinivasa sathrigal s/o paingab=ndu sasthrigal, was given sanyasa by mahaperiaval with the name ofpoornanda saraswathi swamigal whose adhishtanam is in uththaradimut kanci.
    my father sundaresaiyer was a deciple of Alamgudi swamigal, and studied mimas sironmani in kumbakonam with periava.
    our ancestral was donated to the trust at mdq . periava wanted me and my mother to donate the house to him . he said he will stay there. mudikondan chinnavathu vancinatha iyer . related to vezinathan was the first trustee. THis house is demolished for contriucting an sabkara mutt(Sri c handra sekarendra saraswathi vaidika matha dharma abivardhani trust )at mudikondan The kanci periaval is a trustee withy full power , and he is trying trying to build the mutt.I can give you more information if I meet you

  2. Dear Mahesh,

    would it be possible to tap such treasure from Shri.Swaminatha Athreyan (must be 90+ now, a great scholar), who lives in Thanjavur and has a long experience with Periyaval and mutt.

    Best Regards,

  3. Excellent video, thanks a ton to Shri Shivaraman and you Shri Mahesh!

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