Thanks to Sri V Srinivasan for a lovely translation from a Tamil article.

The sage of Kanchi, was on a pilgrimage – by walk, in Karnataka @ India in 1979. After a full days’ walk, He used to camp at any passing location. On one such camp after his early morning prayers, on the banks of a remote village pond, He was interacting with the devotees. 2 youths came by to the banks of the pond. They were dressed shabbily, looked ugly, appeared having not taken a shower for quiet a while and seemed totally illiterate. One academician, Dr. Ramamurthy who was accompanying the sage, felt disgusting at the sight & presence of these 2 youth, in that Divine Ambiance. Dr. Ramamurthy never said anything. But, these 2 youth coming there in the precincts of such a great Sage, in such a shabby dirty attire intrigued the ardent devotee, Dr. Ramamurthy.

As soon as they both prostrated in the feet of the Sage and got up, the sage of Kanchi asked them, ” Have you finished your Vedic Education ? ! ” They both nodded, in endorsement.

” Recite the Rig Veda ” said the Sage of Kanchi. As a fantastic pure fountain, those 2 youth rendered the verses of Rig Veda. The sage of Kanchi, closed his eyes, and listened to their rendition with utmost concentration. After some time, while those 2 youths were continuing their recitation of Rig Veda, the sage of Kanchi signalled them to stop.

He then asked the youth, ” Where are you coming from ? ! ” .

They mentioned the name of their village, 20miles away.

” How you travelled to come here ? “, the Sage asked them.

” We came by walk “, came the reply.

” How are you going to return to your village ? ” the Sage asked back.

” We shall walk back “, came the reply.

These 2 youths have come by walk just to have a glimpse of the Sage of Kanchi. No doubt, their attire was shabby and dirty, amidst the barren landscape of the dry countryside. The Sage, directed the disciples of his pilgrimage Tour, to feed and provide fresh clothes to the 2 youth. Then, he looked at our Dr. Ramamurthy.

” Never get confused by judging a person by his appearance, without knowing the real genuine inherent greatness of the personality. ”

Dr. Ramamurthy was shocked.

How the Sage of Kanchi, knew what he felt inside ?

How the sage knew his thoughts ?

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