Experience of Shri Venga Mama/Thatha with Mahaperiyava

I dont have much write-up about Sri “Venga” mama. He is in his late 90s. In the world filled with artificial and sophisticated people around us, it is so heart-filling see such simple and innocent people talking about Mahaperiyava so dearly….No fancy words used, nothing to hide it is like our thathas talking to us – same transparency……I will wait for Shri Shivaraman to share some more info about him….

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  1. shri Venga Mama’s son is mentioning about a book by Shri Pradhosham Venkatarama iyer ( Kondadhu Ennai Thandadhu Unnai). I tried to locate it at Giri Traders, they could not and have no idea of the publishers too. Request any one who knows about the availability of this book to share the same.

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  2. No words to describe my feelings. We are truly blessed to hear such great stories from such great and blessed souls.
    thanks a ton Mahesh.

  3. He says he is 97 years old, born in 1914. Amazing to hear Venka Thatha! Thanks as always Shri Mahesh!

  4. Simple and innocent people, no fancy

    Very true it is, Mahesh

    Waiting for Venga mama

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