Sorry – I am not spamming!

Apologies for sending flurry of emails sent to you all. As you are aware, the blog’s look & feel  has been changed few and some more format changes are underway that is causing all these emails….. So all these articles are old ones but coming to you again as posts (they were pages before – it doesnt matter to you anyway!).  Read and enjoy it if it is your first time – or skip it if you’ve already read it…

These changes will continue for few more days and should end. Once these changes are done, you will be in a better position to search posts based on tags, categories etc…..Also this will provide an easier way to maintain and administer the blog as this is growing rapidly!

Thanks to Hari for giving me a helping hand in this process.


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  1. Only Spams are to be skipped and not basketful of gems and gems

    Pranaams to Periyavaa

    Thanks to Mahesh

  2. Its a blessing and honour to us receive the Periyavaa’s mail in inbox. Please continue the noble work.


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