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  1. Dear Mahesh,

    This article was excllent lesson for everyone. After this reading article it was keep ringing in mind always. Periva is same as Parameswarn.
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. ரமணி அண்ணா எழுதி விகடன் பிரசுரம் வெளியிட்டுள்ள ஸ்ரீமகா பெரியவா நூலில் இந்த அருமையான நிகழ்வைப் படித்தேன். உண்மையிலேயே மனதை உருக்கும் நிகழ்வு.
    – சைதை முரளி

  3. it is really a true statement,in those days rich people used to treat brahmin purohitas as there appointed personnel staff and treat them very bad. i came to know from elders that a person slap a vadhayar for not reach there home half an hour late to perform avaniavittam.,but the people of our village united against this incident and ask the person to say sorry to the vadhyar and do a namaskaram in common to the sadhas of brahmins including the brahmin purohit. After this incident vadhyar never attend any function of the person till his death. Brahmins should understand learning vedas and prayogam are not a easy job.one has to work sincerly for more than 12 years in the padasala. If you treat others with respect then only you will get respect .
    Muralikrishnan T.S.

  4. i need confirmation that this incidence is true! I have little doubt


    • Dear Sri Chandra,

      Please don’t waste your time in investigating this. This was narrated by Shri Ramani Anna who was standing next to Mahaperiyava when this whole episode happened. also there were several others witnessed whole this was happening….Besides, Periyava has done thousands of such things….Pl listen to some of the recent videos I posted on the devotees’ experiences (Bharani Mani, Dr Venkat etc) – almost the same…..

  5. from this we should know how to behave with Vedam padichava kittaka.

  6. I have seen majority of Brahmins treating the Vaidihas very badly when they come for performing vedic rituals in their homes. They are not spared even when they come for performing ” srardham “. They do not learn vedas nor do they respect those who are learned. W are paying the penalty for all the sins in the modern society, which despises and hates Brahmins, in general, although there are good and noble ones amongst them.

  7. There are millions like this Narayanaswamy Mirasdar, who think that they can insult noble and poor people. They do not think for a moment that they are bestowed with riches in this birth due to some punyas done in the past births. Such people will not have inclination to read such a heart rending anecdotes to reform themselves in this birth as they remain buried in the thought that their good fortune will continue for ever and they do not think even for a moment that everything is temporary and it is only their punyas that will accompany them, when their journey in this world comes to an end.

    How fortunate we have been to live in the era of Maha Periyava.


  8. எத்தனை முறை படித்தால்தான் என்ன? எப்போதும் நெஞ்சை உருக்கிவிடும் பெரியவாளின் அற்புத லீலைகள்! நன்றி, திரு.மகேஷ்!

  9. A lesson for every one doing ‘satkarya’ with ‘aham’ dominating. I wish this becomes a lesson for children in school to establish giving is a purifyng thing not to be demonstrated as charity.


  1. சீராரும் (வேத) சிறாரும் | Sage of Kanchi

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