Experience of Echangudi Brahmasri Gowrishankar Sastrigal

Echangudi Brahmasri Gowrishankar Sastrigal is a well-learned vedic pundit and HH Mahaperiyava has interacted a lot with him. He is a great sanskrit scholar and has done Srimad Bagavatha pravachanam all his life. He has been gifted in several ways to have Periyava listening to his pravachanams…..In this video, you can appreciate his devotion to Periyava – particularly to guru anugraha that led him to such a great stage. He authoritatively declares that without that anugraha nothing can be achieved.

Shri Subramaniam, South Africa – Got your email about him yesterday and now you got 1 hour of his video – I guess your wish has been answered by Periyava!

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  1. namaskaram,

    i was not to referring to brahma sri echangudi gowri shankar sastrigal, shri gowri shankar i was referring is not a vaithika . He is now staying in tiruvannnamalai. His son senthilnatha ganapadigal is teaching veda at ramanashramam.



  2. The Best, Shri Mahesh!

    Thank you.

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