Kanchi Sri MahaSwamigal Anusham Puja – Friday

His Holiness Kanchi Sri MahaSwamigal’s birth star Anusham for this month falls on Friday November 25th. Let us pray Him and get the blessings and guidance for our spiritual journey.

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

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  1. Dear Shri Mahesh,
    Your service to the society is most laudable.
    You have taken extraordinary efforts to bring out both in audio & video formats which enable everyone to read,listen &follow Maha Periyaval’s footprints.
    While traversing through these eplsodes, I experience immense pleasure and joy.
    Maha Periyaval’s upanyasams revitalise my energy.
    Maha Periyaval Thiruvadigal Saranam.
    Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  2. Sri Mahesh,

    Since Swamimalai being the Kuladeivam of mahaperiyava, all the 4 veda parayanam is being conducted monthly on Anusham day by ‘Swamilalai Vedaparayana Samithi’ from 4-6pm at Dakshinamurthy Sanaadhi. Currently there are 10 pandits take part. The current achariyas of Kanchi mutt have mooted that this should turn into a daily event with more pandits. And that needs fund. Those interested may contact the following for details –

    Auditor N.Ramakrishnan ph. 0435-2420748 m: 9486670145
    V.Narayanan 0435-2423717 m:9444036057/9790703504
    Bangalore N.Ramakrishnan 080-41281008 m:8754427780

    Please pass the word around

  3. Dear Mr. Mahesh
    Thanks for the information. We are blessed to read the articles posted by you.

    V N SIvakumar

  4. dear mahesh
    we are blessed to see the entire articles…we pray our bhagawan to bless you all for

    \ this noble service

  5. Dear Mahesh,
    It is nice that by posting the message you have reminded everybody to seek His blessings on the auspicious day. Nice work,inspite of your busy schedule. May His blessings be always with you.

  6. Dear Mahesh,

    Me too one of the beneficiary of your blog.I am floated with the Maha Periyava’s Speech in audio files.And i feel i am in periyava’s grace. Let your work will flourish as my soul wish.Thank you my dear one.

    S.Karthik Kumaran,

  7. Dear Mr.Mahesh,

    I have been one of the blessed recipients of your blogs on Mahaperiyava from time to time and thoroughly enjoying reading, viewing the photographs and sharing the joyful experience with
    my colleauges and friends circle. Now the bonus is Mahaperiyava’s discourses in video/audio files … What more one can ask for .. it is ultimate .. Pls continue your services for the benefit of the entire humanity and generations to come ..

    Warm Regards
    Conjivaram Rajan Gopalkrishnan

    • We go for Anusham every month and take the blessings of Mahaperivaa in Abu Dhabi ..We are blessed to have Mahaperivaa paadam at home and at Anusham poojai

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