Kanchi Niranthara Annadhana Scheme & a rare photo

Dear Devotees,

I got this info from Kanchi Kamakoti Seva Foundation (USA) team. This is open to all, if you think that you want to participate, please read the material and reach out to individuals as needed.

On this holy Anusham day, the birth star of Sri Mahaswami please see attached appeal for this Veda Patasala which is in dire need of our support. Sri Mahaswami stayed at this veda patasala and performed Tatankapratishta for Goddess Akhilandeswari as his first act as peetadhipathi after his vedabhyasam in Mahendramangalam.

I am also attaching a rare picture of Sri Mahaswami taken in 1969, as Lord Dakshinamurhty himself. I got this picture right after i got the appeal request. It goes without saying that this patasala needs our support…

Here are some more details::

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7 replies

  1. Dear Devotees

    Any amount is welcome. the amount indicated is to show what is costs the patashala. Remember “Pidi Arisi thittam” idea of Mahaperivaa. So every contribution is important. Please send the email to RV and if you are based in india we can help you there as well.

    The picture is apt. There is no doubt HE is none other than sAkshAth Dakshinamurthy.

    Jaya Jaya Sankara! Hara Hara Sankara!

  2. Mahesh, is this still open? Should I directly reach out to the email address in the article?

  3. Mahesh, this rare rare photo of mahaperiyavaa, I like the most

    Serene and shanthi

    Mahaperiyavaa with a lone devotee

  4. reduce the amount on monthly basis that is 5000/ minimum so that many retired people can also contribute

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