Found this on the net. Interestingly, the author’s name is Sri “Dalmiapuram” Ganesan. I believe he is our dear K.Ganesan mama who worked in sales and shares department. photo also looks like him only… Dalmia guys – can you please confirm this??

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  1. Yes, You are correct Mahesh. Its our Ganesan mama (accounts dept) who wrote this. Sekar

  2. you can also tell where the book is available and the cost so that many can buy

  3. Mahesh,

    He indeed is. I believe, Kalki magazine published the storyline on a weekly basis and was very popular.


  4. Yes he is our Dalmiapuram GANESAN MAMA only.
    l k janakiraman

    • Wow! Great to know that Dalmiapuram is adding another feather on its cap…..when I visit India next time, I will meet him. In the meanwhile, I will talk to Kannan, his son and my classmate….

      BTW – you are mr LGK’s son, right? I believe you and my eldest brother Vijayakumar are classmates?!

      Mahesh Sent from my Slate

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