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Dear Readers,

You might all have read the posts about Shri Kamakshi Dasan in this site. If not, please read these two articles before you take this poll…

Shri Kamakshi Dasan has been asked by Kanchi Mahaswamigal to do the poojas for Ambal 3 times a day for the welfare of our world. He has been doing these poojas accordingly for more than 50 years now. Due to his age, he intends to transition this puja to his son to continue. All these years, he has been living in rental places and wish to get a small own place so that the sanctity of the puja is maintained in one place. He wants our help to achieve this goal. I sincerely request each of you to respond to this poll to get an idea of how our readers can help them collectively::

If you prefer to support them directly, here are the details::

Can you please do your best by writing checks to Shri V. Srinivasan (this is the official name of Shri Kamkshi Dasan) and mail them to his address:


Shri V. Srinivasan (Kamakshi Dasan)

Number 5, Maraimalai Adigal Street,


Srinivasa Nagar,

Chennai 600 063



Shri Kamakshi Dasan’s number is 91-9840923963 and Shri Shankar’s (his

son) number in India is 91- 90472 31263. Please call them and visit their house to see the poojas, it is a tremendous blessing.

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  1. Namaskaram 👏
    Kamakshi temple was powerful
    but government endowments department not good because off temple staff not cleaning certain time daily 6:30 or 7 cleaning this is not good,temple 5 clock open so that time cleaning good and no water source no fridge ,chennai temperature very too hot so must and should fridge need of temple.

  2. Can u please update the phone numbers of kamakshi Dasan mama and Mr. Shankar, so that they may be reached out for doing the needful,possible . I hope anyone who is in touch with them with the recent phone numbers,can please help me ..Thanks .

  3. Sorry,about the error in spelling mama’s as kamakshi Dasan mama

  4. Mr.Mahesh,I just now saw the details about kayakshi Dasan mama. Want to be a small squirrel in some way. Can you please share the current address and phone number? Thank you very much for the contributions made by you,to make many followers of periava,to have easy access of all sorts of videos,kainkaryams list and other information almost Everyone is looking for.

  5. Can u pls let me know the current address of Sri Kamakshi Dasan Mama?

  6. Dear Gopu Mama,

    Shri Kamakshi Dasan was not doing kaingaryam in the Mutt, so that is the reason you do not recollect him. Plus, you will understand that Mahaswamigal had interacted with millions of devotees and it is not possible for anyone to know or recall them individually.

    If you are interested in more details about him then he is available at 91-9840923963.

    My humble namaskarams,

  7. Dear Mahesh. I remember that kamakshi dasan wrote 4/5 p/cs long long go say in 1998 0r so when I was not financialy well and I did not respond. I was also with Mahaperiaval during 1950 52 at mudikondan my native place. I cherish that perod. I used to carry his PADARAKSHAI on my head and periaval permitted me any where inside the mutt.My upanayanam was donre infront of periaval at Anai thandavapuram. Vedapuri Polakam Gopaklaiyer , Balu all know me as MUdikondan Gopu. but I do not recollect any person in those years named srinivasanin the mutt. Ifact my Aththais son srinivasa iyers/o Ramabhadra sasthrigal also said that he does not knoew any boy as srinivasan in the mutt.I contactedSri vedapuri sasthrigal of my age,he also said he do not recollect any person named srinivasanin those days

  8. during the visit of veerappan minister for endowments acharyal told that administration of all temples should be vested with nattukkottai nagarathar as they will manage temples without any problems if all the temples are managed by nattukkottai chettiars administration of the temples will be the best they will not allow a paisa to be wasted in temples wealth and they know sivan sothu kula naasam

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