Rare Photo Collection ….

Following are rare photos that most of us have not seen before. Some are not – I am not smart enough to tell those duplicates – particularly the pictures that date back to His younger days..also some more pictures – due to lack of time, i didnt bother removing them..there are some pictures of NTR, RMV with Him….Also there is someone who looks like PV Narasima Rao – not sure…. I created a movie based on these pictures also….If you all think that the page has gotten too long due to gallery option i can get rid of that…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fsMG_Hb_8U]

I have given the slideshow and also the gallery so that you can download these photos…..

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  1. Its great. Such a wonderful collections that were never seen anywhere, Thank for this spiritual collection of HIS photos.

  2. Dear Mahesh,
    Ur effort to collect such most invaluable and make available to all is Great! Great! Great! We are gifted and Blessed to at least know about this Sage, Nadamadiya Deivam, who is truly the incarnation of Lord!!!

  3. Dear Mahesh,
    Namaskaram. It is indeed a good collection of Maha Periavaa’s photos. Appreciate your effort in this regard.

  4. i saw these photos on the first day of deepavali. I am very very happy that sri maha periyava’s blessings with me. i feel this is sri maha periyava’s gift to all of his devotees/followers.

  5. Thank you very much MAHESH. Igot an oppartunity to see rare photos of mahaperiaval. i got the blessings of mahaperiaval through you.i will give feedback after going through all.
    warm regards
    l k janakiraman

  6. Thank you Mahesh for the rare photographs

    Hope you are on the project of converting Mahaperiyaval’ upanyasams (50 years old) which you were fortunate to get into disseminable medium to us. I am sorry, I am not able to help in this regard since a computer-novice
    One of my relatives requests you/our other friends, whether anyone has the audio recording of Mahaperiyaval’s upanyasam on title-KOPAM and BAYAM(Anger and Fear) T his should be 35,40 years back Kind feedback please

    Thanking you


  7. Harih: Om !
    Happy Deepavali Prabhu, Thank you for the great pictures of Sri Maha Periyaval and Darshan of Acharyal, on this great occassion of Diwali.
    May Lord bless us with Sat Buddhi to follow the teachings of Acharyal !
    Harihi: Om/

  8. Mahesh

    You made our day, starting with spiritual pilgrimage Sri Periyava’s Thiru meni Darshanam in many forms. It was like seeing the Parama purusha Sri Krishna in his all manifestations and there were theerthas, temples, sadas, upadeshas, darshans all forms are covered in this beautiful movie created by you. Many thanks for bringing Ganga theertha and Lord Krishna’s darshan before DIWALI.

    Happy Diwali to all and fellow admirers.

    regards / krishna

  9. Hi Shri Mahesh,

    I could not believe my eyes. I thought I had seen most of the photos until I saw these, and I have not seen alteast 80% of the photos you had uploaded here.

    Where did you get these pictures, can you please tell us?

    It was literally a divine feast for the eyes.

    Thanks a ton,

  10. Dear Mr.Mahesh,
    Thank you for sharing the rare photos of Maha Periyava…
    Jeya jeya shankara hara hara shankara…


  11. AAAAHAA,
    Thank you.
    Thank you.
    Thank you.
    Jeya Jeya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.
    Srinivasan. V.

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