Two more photos that I have never seen before

I was doing sandhyavandhanam the other day and my eyes were drawn towards a book titled “SAndhyavandhanam”. I bought this book for my sons they had their upanayanams…. When i flipped this book, i found an envelope with 4 photos in it. I know 2 of them are the ones I think I have never seen before and other 2 i think i have seen them. After thinking real hard, i realized that i bought these photos from Vignesh studio in T.Nagar/W.Mambalam. If anyone needs good photos, please go to Vignesh Studios – right opposite to Pothy’s in T.Nagar.

Here they are::

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  1. It is your greatness to share these with us all. Thanks to you and Pranams to His Greatness the Sage!!!

  2. Thanks for the fantastic photos.A blessed day for me.

  3. Dear Mr.Mahesh,
    As you rightly said, the first Two Photographs of
    Sri Mahaperiyava, had never been seen earlier in any
    of the Albums. Those two are really pretty good as
    in both of them Mahaperiyava’s Pada Dharisanam is
    Thanks for the upload.

  4. Never seen the 1st photo….nice & thanks…..

  5. I am unable to see the photos.
    Shall try again.

  6. Hello Mr. Mahesh

    I forwarded a photograph of Sri Sri Sri Mahaperiyava on 08/Oct to your gmail id so that you can post it in this site or is it already posted? Did you receive it?

  7. viswanathan.anantharaman,

    Very rare photo of 1st one.

  8. the last one taken in mangalore forest near Hampi is in my Puja room.good pics.

  9. many thanks for uploading….the first one is very different….

  10. Lot of thanks for these.

  11. Arumai.nandri.


  12. thank you very much

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