Finally it is here!

Dear readers,

You may all remember that I reached out to you few months back about converting very old tapes (dating back 30+ years) of Mahaperiyava’s speeches etc. With lots of difficulties and with His blessings they all are converted to audio format. In addition to that, I believe there are some rare photos. As a bonus, there are at least 50-100 videos of interviews with very great devotees of Him who have spent enormous time with Him.. These are all info that outside world has never seen/heard before… I got 1 TB of hard drive sent to me.

With this treasure on hand, I am really looking to launch a dedicated site for Periyava Media (more like youtube format presentation). In order to accomplish this, I really need some IT geeks from our reader community to help me out. If anyone has experience in web publishing – particularly around wordpress kind of content management softwares, please let me know. We can work together as a team to publish all of these info….

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

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  1. hi Mahesh

    would like to know whether any help is still needed on this and if so what help is needed. we live in the US and noticed this only now.

  2. Mahesh,

    I am eager to know if you could make some headway in getting support that you require. I had requested our veda guruji here in Dubai to check with his nephew (a computer engineer) in Chennai if he could provide some help.

    Please let me know if anyone got in touch with you to get more details of your requirement.

    We are all eagerly waiting to know further from you on this project.


  3. Hi Mahesh

    Let me know if you need help with web authoring and web publishing. I manage many sites using joomla cms on a volunteer basis. You can email me at


  4. Dear Mahesh,

    I am Chandrasekar. I am working as a software engineer (programmer) in Bangalore. I have some knowledge on linux and multimedia tools. I don’t have any knowledge of web interfaces. But with Periyava’s anugragham we can do that. If you can give some more pointers I will try to do it. Please let me know. You can reach me in

    Nandri. Chandrasekar M

  5. Maheshji
    My dad who is 82 years would love to hear those.Unfortunately he cannot operate a computer.Can you tell me where I get the DVDs.It will be nice gift for him from me.He is an ardent follower and has got a lot of advice of Mahaperiyava.
    Wish you all the very best in you venture.May His blessings be with you

  6. Hi Mahesh
    Our mahaperiyavaa has listened to you and blessed us all by showing path to get your old tapes readable. congratulations on this wonderful achievement. can’t wait. same desperation as you have. pl publish them ASAP. Warm Regards, Maheshwaran Ganapati

    • Please don’t rush in appreciating me in this. I will put the photos and details of some great souls on Chennai who roamed around tamilnadu and took video of all these devotees etc. They did all the work…… all credit goes to that team. As always I am only the publisher – don’t deserve all these…..

      Mahesh Sent from my Slate


  8. viswanathan anantharaman

    Dear Mahesh,

    For your hard work certainly Sri Maha Periyava will show the way.Don’t worry.Things will be accomplished in correct manner.May Sri Maha Periyava Bless You.

  9. dear sri.mahesh

    excellent and happy news for all the devotiees of periyava. this task was accomplished successfully with the blessings of periyavaa, who showered kindess to get this treasure in time.

    with the blessings of periyavaa we all waiting to see and hear the golden voice, picture etc.



  10. Dear Mahesh,
    Namaskaram. It is really a Great News!! We are looking forward to your posting at your convenience. This is definately a REAL POKISHAM which we should not miss!! I will check with my known IT guys on your request if I can help on this. May Maha Periavaa bless all!!
    Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara!!
    Best regards,

  11. Dear Mahesh

    This is awesome and we really appreciate the HUGE effort and Faith that you had put in to get these done. Surely Sr Sri Mahaperiyava’s blessings are bountiful with you.

    With this 1 TB of Supreme knowledge content one need not look to anything beyond for salvation.

    Mahesh, I am only a qa guy, not into technology / programming. I will check from my contact and let you know.

    Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

    Best Regards

    • Krishna –

      I thought I am geek-enough to do this although not a guru – looks like not!!….it seems like it would take quite customization of various options – experimenting different themes etc. If I try to do this all by myself, this may take a long time before this comes to public. As all are, I am also impatient to bring this out as quick as possible.

  12. periyava shall bless you you can take the help of kalaimagal monthly who also have some records of acharyals speeches and the acharyal upanyasangal released in 1965 were from thist

  13. while you have all my admiration fgor this great effort,I req you to get in tuch with the family of J.Sadagopan,opp rock fort,trichy(radio/tv maintenance)who has taken all Periyavaa’s journeys in the 50s/60s.It is worth getting them also on to your rgds
    s.rajah iyer

  14. Mahesh, I do have some audio tapes bought 20 years before. They can also be put to good use. Please let me know where i can send them. Regards, Sekar

    • Not sure what kind of tapes you’re referring to. Are they speeches of Mahaperiyava?? The tapes I am referring to are spool tapes only consists of His speeches in various upanyasams done in various parts of India….

      • Mahesh, They are audio tapes version compiled from from various upanyasams.

      • Great. Not sure where you are? If in India, please let me know your phone # and will figure out a way to get this from you.

        Before that, please check the upanyasam page on my blog to see if any of your tapes have the same content (just to avoid any rework).

  15. hari:Om

    Great p:rabhu ! God Bless !
    Hope to hear the tapes very soon

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