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  1. I want to know where is shri kamachhidasar. Present address please

  2. I want to know where is she kamachhidasar. Present address please

  3. I want to send some donation to Kamakshi Dasan…….can I send the donations directly to the address of Kamakshi Dasan given above

    • Dear Shri Murali,

      That is so noble of you. Shri Kamakshi Dasan’s address has changed and the new one is:

      35/C-2, West Link Colony,
      (Near Canara Bank)
      Krishnagiri – 635001
      Tamil Nadu

      Phone: 91-98409 923963

      The cheque may be drawn on ‘Shri V. Srinivasan’, which is Shri Kamakshi Dasan’s official name.

      Thanks Sir,

  4. Hello Suresh,
    I have read the posts on this page, Can you please advise the status of the project for Mr Shankar to continue with the Ambal poojas from his father?
    Please advise

    • Dear Shri Hariharan, I am in regular touch with Shri Kamakshi Dasan and his son Shri Shankar. Devotees are still contributing with their might so that a house can be built for Ambal as a temple cannot be built for Her separately since it is not a Vigraham.

      My email address is suresh.gm@gmail.com.

      Please do your best Sir and also spread the word. Thanks a ton.


  5. Dear All
    I had the opportunity earlier this year to meet up with Shri Kamakshi Dasan mama at Chennai. I had the previlege of sitting with him for a long time in listening to the poems he has written about maha periyava and sri kamakshi devi. He has now shifted to a new rented house in perungalathur…I spoke to him during end sep.

  6. Namaste everyone,

    I just spoke with one devotee Shri Sadasiva Kumar. We were discussing as to how we can help Shri Kamakshi Dasan when I mentioned to him that if all of us alloted 8 to 10 % of our post tax salary for charity purposes, as ordained in the Vedas, then we will not feel the burden that much when we donate for noble causes. It could be for sustaining the Vedas or for the various activities of Kanchi Matam or for any other noble cause. It is simple in that, that allocated money is not ours and only for such noble purposes.

    Hope I could convey my thoughts clearly,

    • Suresh –

      Sorry for sitting on it for long time…..let me first talk to his son and will give you a call assuming you’re in the US to discuss. As the scope is too vague/large I doubt what we (too small sets of people) could do….

      Mahesh Sent from my Slate

      • No worries Mahesh; please speak to his son and we can chat later. My number is 408-836-8475.

        Thanks a lot,

      • Suresh –

        Talked to his son……understand that his budget for the overall project is 40+ lakhs. His thought is to get the land with funds from others and raise loan to construct the house…as per hi, the cost of the ground is around 27lakhs – which is a large amount for public contribution. I also doubt if he wold get a bank loan even if he gets the land because he is on his own in his textile business with his friends etc….also his father is planning to transfer the puja to him , which means that he has to do 3 times a day (if he has to replicate what his father does today) and not sure how he will go to work to pay the mortgage etc….when checked he has about 5 lakhs in his hand, which is not sufficient enough to even put the down payment and to enter a large house construction project in today’s world……also he is not interested in apartment route, due to valid reasons…..

        Coming to our primary question of how to help him – we have reader base of 200 folks in our blog. Assuming that we get $100 equivalent even for all of them, that would make it $20,000 – equivalent to roughly 8 lakhs. Not sure what we can do for 19 lakhs……unless we reach out to folks outside this group and once again, this needs lot of selling. Unless those are Mahaperiyava devotees and understand Shri kamKshidasan etc, it would be difficult……..

        I intend to talk to a professor here who has lots of Mahaperiyava connections in chennai and see if he has any ideas…….

        Pl don’t get me wrong – I am not trying to be pessimistic here – trying to detail out the practicality of the whole things…..I can run a small survey from our readers to see how many are interested in contributing…..

        Let me know your thoughts……

        Mahesh Sent from my Slate

      • Hi Mahesh,

        That is a very caring post of yours. With lots of concern. I fully agree with you regarding the enormity of the whole thing. And I have taken this on a war footing in the last 1 month by detailing the requirements (similar to what I have done in your blog) in

        1) Kanchiforum.org
        2) Tamilbrahmins.com
        3) IndusLadies.com (I was shocked and sad that they rejected my post saying it was promotional; but I posted it again through a different moderator and hoping it gets published)
        4) Your blog.
        5) Sage of Kanchi group in Facebook.

        In addition to these I have also reached out to some of my other contacts.

        I am doing all the above shamelessly, because all my life I have been a private person and have rarely reached out to others for help, but suddenly here I am doing it now with the strength and compassion provided by Mahaswamigal.

        Atleast 10 folks have responded to me and have already contributed to Shri Kamakshi Dasan by writing and mailing checks or visiting his home.

        If you can also please formally publish it in your blog, and run a survey to see how many can contribute that will be very helpful. Your ideas are very noble indeed.

        It is impossible to put a time frame to accomplish the goals for such activities. Whenever I encounter an issue of Himalayan proportions the first thing I do is to start acting, to keep the ball moving and to let things pan out on their own. I exhort the readers to adopt a similar approach and not get bogged down. Even if we do not accomplish what we set out for, it is OK.

        Something is better than nothing.

        Can I please have your phone number Mahesh?


  7. Hello Shri Chidambaresa Mama,

    It was such a pleasure talking to you today. We felt very blessed. Would be grateful if you advised us how we could act to fulfill the wishes of Mahaswamigal, Puduperiayavaal and Bala Periyavaal.

    I had sent a mail to sankarachidamabaram@yahoo.com but it looks like it is the wrong address. Can you please give me your mail address? Mine is suresh.gm@gmail.com

    Thank you,

  8. I had met a Kamakshi DasaR and not kamakshiDasan as seen here. He was living alone in Mylapore in an upstairs portion of a house in Arundale street, when I met him in 1970. There was a big picture of Devi Kamakshi to which he was doing Pooja daily and particularly on Poornima days, with Kumkum. Pujya Sri Maha Periyava directed me to him. He was the author of “Sri Kamakshi Thiruppugazh” and many works on Kamakshi only. those books may not be available to day. I also lost touch with him. He may not be alive now. But his works were appreciated by Sri Periyava, and they may still be available.

    • Namaste Shri Chidambaresa Iyer,

      You are blessed as you seem to have interacted with Mahaswamigal. Can you please share some anecdotes regarding your experiences with Him? I do not ever seem to be satisfied knowing about such divine experiences.

      Let me state the circumstances which led me to the darshan of Shri
      Kamakshi Dasan. After I read about him in this blog of Shri Mahesh in Feb or so me
      and my wife desperately wanted to meet him during the summer holidays
      in India. But for some reason it was not getting materialized and was
      slowly slipping away and I had lost all hopes.

      We were on our third trip to Kanchi Matam. My wife was looking at some
      things in the make-shift book shop opposite Mahaswamigal’s Adhistanam.
      One gentleman was also there looking and enquiring about Deivathin
      Kural books with the person in charge. He said there are 5 volumes, to
      which my wife replied that there are 7 volumes in total and can be
      obtained in Giri Traders. Then this gentleman asked my wife where she
      is from and she said Madras (and not USA). The gentleman told her to
      bring her family to his house in Madras to see the Devi puja conducted
      by them.

      All along I was else where and when I joined my wife, she introduced
      me to this gentleman and said they have invited us to his home to see
      the pujas. Believe it or not, my first statement to this gentleman was
      ‘ Are you Kamakshi Dasan’s son?’, and he said ‘Yes!’.

      I am so grateful for this miracle!

      Mahaswamigal had sent Shri Kamakshi Dasan’s son Shri Shankar to meet
      us near the Adhistanam!

      And on the way back from Chidambaram and Vaitheeswaran Koil, we went
      to Shri Kamaskhi Dasan’s house and the rest as they say is history!

      Can you please include this miracle in your new post about Shri
      Kamakshi Dasan (and the need for donations) so that people are
      convinced by his divinity and do not hesitate to contribute?

      The reason I am saying this is because some people are turned off when
      Shri Kamakshi Dasan asks for donations, which they say is not
      Mahaswamigal’s way. I was also in the same boat but this miracle
      convinced me not to judge Shri Kamakshi Dasan and do the best I can to
      help. Now I think it is the call of Mahaswamigal himself!

      Thanks a lot,

      • Sir, I think that your Kamakshi Dasan is a different person from Kamakshi Dasar, who was more than sixty years when I met him with my wife and late father in Arundale Street, Mylapore in about 1970 or so. “Kamakshi Tiruppugazh” may be available in Giri Traders, Mylapore. Some of my “Darishana Anubhavangal” are available in the 4th volume of Darishana Anubhavangal published by Vanathi Publishers, under my name wrongly referred to as R. Chidambaresan instead of S.Chidambaresan.
        My reminiscences are written in Tamil. If you give an Indian address I can send a photo copy of it to that address. My phone no: 91-44-2621 4105. My address: #15 (old)upstairs, ‘I’Block, Anna Nagar East, Chennai-600 102

    • Namaste,
      Many thanks for mentioning Kamakshi DasaR whose beautiful Mangalam was sung by Smt. Nityashree Mahadevan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2eGM47uBRA
      Do you have more information about Kamakshi DasaR? None of his works seem to be available today..do you have any copies? Many thanks, Niranjan

      • Sir, Kamakshi Dasar wrote,”Kamakshi Thiruppugazh” and many more on Kamakshi Ambal. This was brought to my notice by no less than our Paramacharya. These may now be available in old book stores or in privte collections. I had a set once. But it is not with me now. S. Chidambaresa Iyer 1 Aug 2016

      • I do have a copy of the book of Kamakshi dasar’s Kamakshi Tirupugazh. My grandmother had also tuned songs from the book and taught to her students in Kolkata. I have audio of a few songs she had sung as a family copy. Will try to upload it on youtube.

  9. Dear Mr.Magesh all your articles are very good.May Guru bless you with sherayas, keerthi, ayush, and dhanam to you.
    with love

  10. Hello Mahesh,

    Thanks to your article about Shri Kamakshi Dasan some time back, I was fortunate to have his darshan at his rented home in Perungalathur in July this year. I am speechless when I heard about his interactions with Him.

    They live in a rented house and Shri Kamakshi Dasan wants to hand over the pooja responsibility to his son Shankar from December this year. Shri Shankar called me today and mentioned that they are moving from one rented place to another and said his father wanted a permanent place to do poojas to Ambal. He mentioned that a temple should not be constructed. He requested us to help them in any way we can.

    Hence I am posting this in this forum. Can you please post this formally so that it reaches everyone who has subscribed to this blog?

    I have always read with awe as to how Mahaswamigal requested some lucky souls to help out for the good cause and now I am amazed that He has requested me to do something now.

    I may be reached at suresh.gm@gmail.com

    Thanks a lot,

    • Dear Suresh,

      I just read this message fully. I believe that we all should do something to help him. Also I am not clear about the immediate needs are – is it the house part or the temple part? Also what are their expectations from both these?? Can you please share more info so that we can try to help them in some way? Also please share his son’s number.



      • HI Mahesh,

        Thanks so much for responding.

        Shri Shankar mentioned to me that his father has said that a temple should not be built for Ambal. Since they have always been living in rented houses all these years they find it difficult to move Ambal and the other pooja articles often. That is why Shri Kamakshi Dasan desires that a permanent place be found for their home, where Ambal will be housed in one of the rooms. After doing trikala poojas for the past 50 years, he wants to hand it over to Shri Shankar from this December.

        Shri Shankar who is the son of Shri Kamakshi Dasan desires that if you
        can please furnish the following details that will be very helpful:

        1) Name (sharma name), Gothram and Star of all the persons in the
        family; this will be used to perform archanai by Shri Kamakshi Dasan.

        2) Mailing address, so that Shri Kamakshi Dasan and his son Shri
        Shankar can send the pooja prasadams regularly.

        Whoever wants to help, if they live in India, they may please write a
        check to the name of Shri V. Srinivasan (this is the official name of
        Shri Kamkshi Dasan) and mail them to his address:

        Shri V. Srinivasan (Kamakshi Dasan)

        Number 5, Maraimalai Adigal Street,
        Srinivasa Nagar,

        Chennai 600 063

        If you and the others live in the US or elsewhere then you may provide the details
        and the check to my address below:

        Panchanathan Suresh
        380 Auburn Way, Apt # 7,
        San Jose,
        CA 95129
        and then I will coordinate and arrange to send them to Shri Kamakshi Dasan.

        My number is 408-836-8475. Shri Shankar’s number in India is 91- 90472 31263

        If you can please post all these to your blog that would help immensely, as it would then reach all those who have subscribed to your blog.

        All the punyam belongs to you as without seeing your article I would not have met Shri Kamaskhi Dasan in India.

        Thanks again for helping out,

  11. You are indeed great, Mahesh! I would like to meet you sometime.I am sure Sri Mahaperiaval will make it possible soon.

    • Dear Sri Nagarajan,

      I am an ordinary guy adn you dont need any blessings to meet me. Save those blessings to meet some great souls like Sri Kamakshidasan as mentioned by Shri Suresh.



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