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Dharma Rakshana Trust
39/4 C.P. Ramaswamy Road, Alwarpet, Chennai 600 018

Sree Gurubhyo Namah

To all well wishers of Hindu Dharma

The past few years have been the darkest in some of our lives caused by Their Holiness the Sankaracharyas of Kanchi having to face circumstances brought upon them and their having to prove an allegation wrong in the court of law. As dutiful beings bestowed with the wisdom of some of the greatest men that lived in our land, it is their belief that they have to endure the process of law once alleged, using the support of all those who believe in them and the righteousness of the custodians of the Hindu Dharma.

As a part of the process we have had to wait through the test of times for the legal framework to take its shape, and the right circumstances to have their cases heard. We have in the last few years seen the many days of long and testing court drama. The time has now come and we expect the case proceedings to come to a close sometime in the next few months, provided there are no surprises or unexpected delays.

Both the Periavas have been very firm in their view that the expenses for the legal battle have to be met by contributions from devotees and the Mutt funds must not be used for the purposes.

Though there have been many a persons, lawyers and others who have joined in providing services for gratis, there has been a constant need for funding the legal expenses which is a significant amount. With their Benign Blessings we have been successful in meeting the needed financial obligations till date.

We believe that we will need all the support that we can get in this final hour. May we draw upon you to contribute your mite and to help us endure this last leg? All voluntary contributions will go to provide legal and other assistance to members of our society who have been maligned by legal charges, especially their Holiness the Archaryas of Kanchi and others who have been charged of all types of charges.

Cheques can be drawn in favour of

Dharma Rakshana Trust
39/4 C.P. Ramaswamy Road
Chennai 600 018, India

You can get direct wire transfer details by sending us an email to or

We thank you for your active support and wish that we are able to tide this impending situation with your help and bring the past glory to the institution and its people that we have revered in all these years.
Best wishes to you and family


Mr. T. R. Rajagopalan – Known Lawyer
Mr. J. Jayaraman – Ret’d Chairman Cochin refineries
Mr. K. Jayaram Krishnan – Senior Executive TCS
Mr. Ramdevan V. Krishnaswamy Businessman

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  1. Dear readers,

    Due to security reasons, the trust does not want to publish tracking/bank account # in the web. Anyone who is interested in contributing, please contact me and i will share the info provided to me.



  2. Dear Sri Mahesh,
    Pls provide your or the trusts telephone no bank act no so that who can contribute from west/east can contact and send payment through internet

  3. Hi Mahesh
    Thanks for forwarding this email. It is our duty to show our support

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