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Dear readers,

If you may recall, I posted a request to you all to find out about the possibilities of reading some old tapes from 1960s etc. After a long search both here in US and India, I identified someone at Bangalore who has the right machines to read these tapes and convert. He agreed to do it for a charge, which costs a lot to convert all tapes.

As we didn’t have any option, the owner of the tapes traveled to B’lore to give thetapes to him to see how it comes out. Normally this person stays in his friend’s place whenever he goes to B’lore. During this time, he explained everything to his friend. His friend was suggesting another person – more of a neighbor – who might help. Although he was reluctant to find one more person, due to his friend’s pressure, he agreed to meet the neighbor……When he met this old neighbor, he realized that he is one of the greatest Mahaperiyava devotee and considered this as a lifetime blessing to do this work. He found, at his age, nothing more soul-gratifying and agreed immediately to do it all for free.

This neighbor is none other than grandson of Allur gangapadigal, who stayed with Mahaperiyava when He was studying at Mahendramangalam!!!! Unless Mahaperiyava wants it these tapes wouldn’t have come out at all – we need to wait for some more time and see how much is going to come out good. It is none other than Mahaperiyava who decides when to come out in audio form – let us all pray for His blessings to get an opportunity to listen greatest lectures that none has heard before – these are going to be absolute treasures for all of us……

Since these tapes are at least 4-5 decades old, it requires quite some cleansing, removing the fungus etc and extract them. Also 50+ tapes translate to 300+ hrs of talks!!! He has to listen all (no choice) in order to tag them and group them properly. The sanskrit speech i posted was one among them. I did not know earlier. I prematurely posted them here. The right way is to get all tapes, get anugraha in Mahaperiyava adhishtanam and blessings from both Pudhu and Bala periyavaas before it is distributed. Once it is out, this will be distributed completely free – no charge at all.

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

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  1. Mahesh, are we speaking about GS mama here?

  2. thanks for sharing this message. looking forward to get a copy of completed version of mahaperiyava speech in sanskrit. please notify me once tapes are converted. Eagerly waiting for this news with anxiousness.

    best regards

    t raju

  3. As Mr Rajah Iyer mentioned, your devotion to Mahaperiyavaa is really great. As you rightly mentioned It’s by Mahaperiyavaa’s blessings, that you have in abundance, this great project is working out. Namasakarams to a;; concerned great people at Bangalore for undertaking this noble project. Best wishes to you for all your noble endeavours. Please let me know in case if I can be of service in any way.

    Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara.

    Kind Regards

  4. Mahesh,

    Very glad to see fruition of your noble thoughts and ideas. I am presently in Chennai for 2 weeks. I had occasion to update my father (Shri. S. Ramaswamy, Cashier, DCB) about your relentless efforts to chronicling exciting information about Mahaperiyava. My father is very happy and excited about this ‘project’. He conveys his aseervathams to you and all the people who have contributed treasure hove of information/details to pass on to the coming generations egging them to follow what Mahaperiyava had tried to convey and live all His life.

    Let me/my brother (Chandrasekar) know if we can be of any help. I note the information provided by Sri. Rajah Iyer. If he can provide some more lead, I can check with my father to find if he can be of any help using his contacts.

    Dubai (Camp: Chennai)

    • Raja,

      Firstly, my namaskarams and very kind enquiry to your father – it is at least 25+ years since I saw him – hope he is staying healthy. Thanks for your offer to help – as of now, we are covered. If I need any help, I will definitely reach out to you. Enjoy your stay in Chennai…

  5. Selfless efforts have been undertaken to collect data/speeches and tapes of Mahaperiava for which every devotee of Mahaperiava should remain indebted for life. May God bless the concerned with success in their endevour.


  6. I admire your devotion to Mahaperiyavaa and let your efforts succeed..
    I wd also request you to take efforts to find all Videos taken on Mahaperiyavaa by an Iyengar family friend of us,J.Sadagopan of Trichy.He was so devoted that all the videos he took on Periyavaa went somewhere and infact he didnt make much money an ardent devotee we must all atleast recognise his efforts.Pls help me to trace his tapes.
    s.rajah iyer

  7. Very nice. thanks to all who has contributed for this

  8. Great
    Jeya Jeya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara.
    We always look for miracles.
    We conveniently forget that we are living amidst DIVINE MIRACLES, every moment.
    ” மஹா பெரியவா – அவர் சாக்ஷாத் பரமேஸ்வரன் . ”
    One aged vedic scholar, who learnt Yajur Vedam, in Karnataka, under the full patronage of our Sange of Kanchi, told me this here, 6 months ago.
    Tears gather in his eyes, whenever he thinks about மஹா பெரியவா and it is a personal Blessings for me to be in the company of this Great vedic scholar here who was in the close of our சாக்ஷாத் பரமேஸ்வரன் .
    Thank you for arranging these audio.
    We look forward to His Grace, upon us all.
    Srinivasan. V.
    Perth, Australia.

  9. Dear Mahesh


    Unseen hand playing chess with you and both are winning

    Looking forward

  10. I guess we should be faulted for ‘little faith’ to have expected anything les of Him!!!

    Hear this, hear this!! …. I just finished a long phone call with my brother-in-law D. Srinivasan in Kalina, Bombay. talking about Mahaperiyava and Mahendramangalam, among other things. The next thing I did after the phone call is to open Mahesh’s posting for the day…. We are thrilled to see the same referred to in the posting. HE LIVES with us…

  11. hey… It’s really great news….. Thanks for sharing this.

  12. This is also one of the many incidents which proves again and again that ahaperiavaa is still with us.
    Otherwise how it is possible to casually meet the grandson of Sri,Allur Ganapadigal who stayed
    with Mahaperiavaa in 1915-1917 (may not be exactly correct years) at Mahendramangalam when
    mahaperiavaa learned all arts from vedic scholars

  13. It is indeed great News and Congratulations. Needless to mention that we are going to benefit immensely out of this.

  14. Jaya Jaya Sankara, hara Hara Sankara!

  15. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara…you can take one step god will take thousands and thousands…….

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