Periyava as Allah

ShrIPeriyavAL was camping in the pumping station of the A.C.C.Cement Factory, on the banks of the KAgna river, in Hyderabad. That pradesham(region), belonged to the Old Hyderabad SamasthAnam. Now it is a part of the KarnATakA state.

At a kilometer distance from that place, is the garden of a man named BhImasEnappA KiTTappA. He was the one who opposed the atrocities on the Razaks during the rule of the Nawab and won the battle. Accepting his wishes that PeriyavAL should visit his place, the sage went there one day.

In the time of mAdhyAnikam(noon), a Muslim devotee came for darshan. When shrIPeriyavAL told him, “Your wife came in the morning with fruits and had darshan”, he was surprised and said: “I am working in a shop. When I walked this morning holding the rickshaw, BAbA–your holiness, had a look at me. I had a feeling of seeing Allah in person. Further it seemed to me that you said something in Urdu, my mother tongue. I could come only now, after my work is over. At home, my wife told me of her having darshan.”

The sage gave him fruits and did anugraham, when the devotee thus spoke to him and prostrated. It is not surprising that MahA-PeriyavAL who is ellAvum(everything), not giving darshan as Allah.

Source: Ms Lakshmi Natarajan

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  1. Awesome blog you havve here

  2. Many a times we are asked in religious discourses whether anyone has seen GOD, and the only answer that usually comes out is that NONE indeed. But who can deny the fact that people who have been blessed to have the darshans of MAHAPERIAVAL, have indeed seen GOD. Truly an avatara purushar that he was, he transformed this part of the world into a sacred world by his spiritual wisdom. Such true saints are born once in a lifetime.

    • I read this somewhere that the Tamil writer “valampuri” john was sitting in Kanchi mutt and was felling his son, “son, see that old saint (our Periyava) – he is the God – Jesus is in His form – that’s all. We are few of the lucky ones to see the God”. Your statement reminds me of this incident…..

  3. When His Dandam was placed in the river, the river calmed down and stood still for Him & his disciples to have the snanam (bath)

  4. I would like to share an incident which was narrated at Secunderabd, by Dr Padma Subramanyam, the renowned dancer and an ardent devotee of Mahaperiyava.

    Some years ago, when they had been to Pandaripur to have the darshanam of Periyava, they had to travel by a Tanga. The man who drove them was a muslim. He readily agreed to show them where Babaji (Periyava) was camping. He dropped them at one side of the river and showed them the place where they had to go. He bluntly refused to take his charges as they had come to see Periyava, who was like The Allah for him.
    They had to cross the river by boat to reach the camp of Periyava. After dropping them at the river bank, he narrated a miraculous incident which had happened, to which he was an eye-witness. Once when Babaji (Periyava) & his disciples came to the river to have a dip, the local people warned them not to take risk of getting into the river, as there was Whirlpool which was very severe. But all of them had seen a miracle happening when Babaji (Periyava) got into the river and put his Dandam (The Stick)

    Who could deny the He was a “Nadamadum Deiyvam”.

  5. very nice one.after reading this one i am reminded of one incident which we had experienced in hyderabad(skandagiri temple) durng the stay of jayendra saraswathi swamigal in august 1999.

    we( my elder sister, wife and self) used to go for viswarupadharshanam and evening dharshanam during His Holiness stay. we were noticing , on most of the days, one muslim middleaged man, was also there for dharshanam. he used to offer two sachet of milk to periava and do the namas.out of curiosity, my sister and wife ,went to him and had a chat with him. he mentioned that he was seeing mahaperiava behind jayendra saraswathi and for his eyes mahaperiava was looking like allah and his prayers were offered to him.we were really thrilled to hear his feelings,

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