A Must-Read Letter – Long one but don’t miss it

At 85, Sri Sankarachidambaram, continues to be actively associated  with the  good work related to the Kanchi Mutt and exhorts other interested persons to join him ! There is clarity in what he writes and  his views , due to his proximity to the mutt for a long time , deserve consideration.

Here are three letters which he sent to me and to a few others. They are loaded with substance . I am therefore, sharing them with you, with his consent.

Love and regards,

Date: Wednesday, 23 March, 2011, 7:33 AM


I am an ordinary brahmana like every one. I read some views given repeatedly,in the Iyer 123 Group, about Pujya Sri Jayendra Sarasvati Swamigal.  I give here some of my own views in the matter. I have had occasion to watch at close quarters, the Senior-most, PujyaSri Chandrasekharendra Sarasvti Swamigal (117), when He was available with us in His mortal frame, His successor the present Peetadhipati (75), and then His Sishya, Pujya Sri Sankara Vijayendra Sarasvati Swamigal (42). Yes, Pujya Sri Jayendra Sarasvati Swamigal did not choose the beaten and safe path of an ordinary Sannyasi, Peetadhipati, but a harsh and dangerous marshland path full of risks and earning a bad name for himself. Why? He has not amassed any wealth either for Himself or His kith or kin and distanced Himself from the wealth of the Kanchi Mutt, confining Himself to a frugal meal and a small room with a bed with a single cloth. A very keen observer of things around Him,  He noticed the creeping danger to the Sanatana Dharma, mainly from the Christian evangelists, through covert and overt means, and assisted by many politicians who mostly called themselves secular, and some openly as anti-Hindu, and aimed at rooting out in the end, the Sanatan Dharma itself. Every one was seeing it, but no body was reacting. He saw that he was ordained into the Sannyasa Ashrama, to sustain for this generation at least, the Dharma, re-established by Adi Shankara, in the teeth of the objections raised by the powerful Buddhists of yore, in His time, centuries ago.

What was the condition of the society when he became the successor to His venerable Guru, on 22 May 1954? Veda Patasalas were fast dwindling, for want of support in the form of boys to read the Vedas, in the form of Adhyapakas to teach Vedas, in the form of shortage of funds to run these Patasalas, to which recognition was withheld by the government of the day. All these conditions still exist, inspite of the Veda Rakhana Nidhi Trust (started by the Senior Pontiff with foresight), through which some funds could be raised for Veda Adhyayanam. Most of the temples had no puja or Neivedyam for many days. The Archakas were becoming lesser and lesser. Temples were becoming dilapidated. Temple lands (donated by the well-meaning kings of yore, for maintenance of the temples) were being appropriated by all and sundry. This is still continuing but to a lesser extent, since most of the lands have already been appropriated.

The Brahmanas had taken up to service, due to economic reasons. Because of this, their anushtanas had dwindled considerably. The Christian-controlled schools were infusing the ideas of the superiority of their Christian religion over their own religion to the children sent to their schools for study. With the young minds thus prepared in the schools, conversions through enticements were becoming the order of the day (since forcible conversions are against law) There were no adequate and proper schools where our children can learn without such interference, our own heritage with all its greatness and magnanimity.

There was a necessity for providing better conditions in all the above. This required a leadership, devoted men to assist and serve the cause and finally money.  Pujya Sri Jayendra Sarasvati had to find all this, against all criticisms, and from many quarters, including Brahmanas in wealthy and comfortable positions. He had to relax many rules, considered orthodox, (and not at all followed by many Brahmanas). He did it (and I can say with authority), WITH THE PERMISSION OF HIS OWN GURU. He travelled the length and breadth of the vast country, many times, and initiated many measures for the people of ALL castes and religions, without any exception. I shall recite one single instance here for example. In Assam, in the far East corner of the country, far away from Kanchi, When He went for the first time in the year 1986, for the Kumbhabhishekam of the Vinayaka temple, he found that many people of modest means are having problems for their eye care. He made a study of the number of such persons who come from the North Eastern States to the Sankara Netralaya, Chennai and found the number running into thousands. He took up the work of establishing an eye care hospital in Guwahati, and this was started in 1998 with the name SRIMANTA SANKARADEVA NETRALAYA (named after the great vaishnavite Savant of Assam who lived in the middle of 16th century, and held in great esteem by all Assamese.)

To be continued S.Chidambaresa Iyer, Chennai. Any bona fide doubts on this can be cleared from the undersigned either on Phone no: 044-2621 4105 or in person after calling this number.

To Sivasubramanian Perinkulam, kanchimutt mehta, kanchimutt@gmail.com, Balaram M.K., rajesh(princes IRENE), balu

                                                                            2Sri Rama Jayam

S.Chidambaresa Iyer writing from Chennai

23 March 2011


Sir, I continue here what I wrote earlier on the present Swami of  Kanchi Mutt, with the object of clearing the air of many wrong perceptions on this Mutt and the Swami.

There are some who deny the existence of this Mutt itself as a Sankaracharya Mutt. This is not for them. But there are also some who feel that this Mutt has come into disrepute after the Mahasvami’s time, as its head. This is for them.

At the outset, I would say, “Pujya Sri Jayendra Sarasvati Swami is a true Peetadhipati, living according to the requirements of a Sannyasi entirely.” It is very difficult to be both a Sannyasi and a Peetadhipati at the same time. He has undertaken on His shoulders, the task of Dharma Prachara, on the lines indicated to Him by his Guru, the great Mahasvami. The requirements of His task are many and great, and the resources for this at his disposal are limited and far less. One point has to be kept in mind. He, though a Peetadhipati is basically a Sannyasi, with all the restrictions prescribed to Him as a Sannyasi by the Shastras (and relaxed to Him because He is a Peetadhipati). His position is not to be confused with that of a Pope, or that of any of the heads of the many religions we find to day, all over the world.

Dharma Prachara, to day constitutes:

–         Protection, sustenance and prevention from extinction our Vedas from our society.

–         Preservation of our temples, which form the backbone of our culture.

–         Preservation of a family way of life in our society, and to retain our own identity.

–         Preservation of a lifestyle based upon the specifications of our Vedas, Puranas and our Itihasas, and  retain the moral fibre of our society and its cultural values.

–          Propagation of the Siddhanta (including the Shanmata), of Adi Sankara and His works on various subjects.

–         To do good to the society as enunciated in the Vedic hymn, “Sarve Janas Sukhino Bhavantu, Sarve santu niramayah (Let all be happy and be bereft of disease or ailment)”

The above in short, is the task taken up by Him.  All the actions of His and that of the Kanchi Mutt come under this broad description. {Note: By society, is meant, not only the Brahmana Society (as wrongly opined by many), but also inclusive of the Pillais. Mudaliars, Nayudus, the Scheduled castes, the Scheduled tribes like the Nari Koravas and others and even those who belong to the Christian or Muslim religions and who seek our help}.

To have His darshan, no prior appointment is required. He is available in His seat from 5-30 AM to 10 PM, and on all days, except during periods of Puja, rest or when taking food. People from all walks of life, and belonging to all religions seek Him for their various personal requirements. He gives His blessings to all who approach Him. {To give one example: On 21 March 2011, i.e., three days ago, a group of persons came to Him with a huge Shivalinga, made of green stone, for getting blessed by Him before installing and consecrating the same in a temple, with formal rites on 24 March 2011 (to day) at a place on the outskirts of Chennai. On the 22 march 2011, next day, a South Korean lady (a Mother Superior belonging to the Society of Jesus) came with four of her retinue, with a personal request and seeking His Blessings. I was witness to both. One can quote hundreds of daily events like this.}

He often discusses shastraic matters with shashtris, social matters with social workers and bureaucrats and if need be, He does not hesitate to discuss them even with the politicians that come to Him. The efforts He took to bring a rapport between the VHP leaders and the Muslim clergy in the Ram Janmabhoomi issue is well-known. His views in this matter is that peace must prevail between the two communities is also well-known. To attribute political colour to Him for this stand is to be unfair to His well-meaning efforts to maintain peace in the region, and in the matter.

He has visited innumerable villages in South India and helped renovation of many village temples(for grama devatas)

In spite of His advanced age, he travels to all parts of the country, and on specific work, which invariably for the welfare of the  society or the country. He does not deny audience to any one, whomsoever he may be. Whenever any rich man approaches Him (as a rule, He never approaches any one, small or big, of His own accord), he invariably advises him to use some portion of his wealth to a good cause, any good cause that may appeal to him,  and that too, if, and to the extent possible. He advises His devotees to spend time in Dharma Prachara, in a  manner possible.

He has done a lot of welfare work in the country and is still doing it along with His disciple, PujyaSri Sankara Vijayendra Sarasvati Swami, many projects, quietly and in an unheralded way, all over the country. For this, more than money, dedicated work is required. He advises His devotees to involve themselves in such work and be of service to humanity.

The work undertaken and executed by Him, after He became the Peetadhipati of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam is momentous. The Mahasvami once likened His Sishya Pujya Sri Jayendra Sarasvati Swami to Sugreeva, {who helped the Rama Karyam, first in finding Sita and then in annihilating with the help of his huge Vanara Sena, the King of Lanka} when He undertook to develop the Mutt, from what it was to what it is to day.

To recite the achievements in detail, will be a lengthy chronicle, which has to wait………

Yours sincerely,

S.Chidambaresa Iyer.

24 March 2011


My dear Sivasubramanian,

Seshadri a, good friend of mine in the Mutt, is doing useful work there. When I meet him next I shall mention to him about you.  I commute to Kanchi now and again from Chennai. I note that you are in NJ. Are you a US citizen, living in NJ? I have no objection to sharing this information to your friends, by you. In fact, it will help wiping out a lot of cobwebs (man-made) about  our Acharya and the Mutt, if more people come to know about the real state of affairs. It is a pity that many good people are misguided by hearsay and have formed wrong opinion about our Acharya and the Mutt.  This is due to lack of correct infn. from proper sources. A lot of good work remains to be done for the society. It needs people who are selfless and have no axe to grind, to assist HH in His work of loka seva and Dharma Prachara. I am an old man (85), retired from Railways and living in peace with my daughter& her family. But I can feed you with correct information about our Acharyas and the Mutt. Any worthwhile work needs a band of dedicated men for fruition. Can I request you to join me in this work? Pl reply. S.C. Iyer 24 March 2011

” Give a handful from your plenty to those deserving”

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  1. every person should know who a brahmin is.it is not by birth.it is a way of living.

  2. i had many problems from my birth due to the nature-nurture problem.Actually, swamiji had advised someone in a Tamil magazine when I was 23 years old, which I started to follow .Even though I could not come out from the root of all my problems, but I got way to live earn, at least symptoms are reduced. I believe acharya only showed me a path. now i am more than 45 years old. But I could not forget that.Somehow in god grace i leade a decent life. jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara. i don’t know i can meet him and share this. I had his darshan maybe once or twice.

  3. Eye opening. Hara Hara Shankara!!

  4. Its Great to know all your experiences with Kanchi Mutt and good info about Kanchi Swamigal .Am so proud to be a follower .

  5. Jaya Jya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara .. it is my privilege to have been born in Sadhana Dharma and get to know about his Holiness Paramacharya and his successor his Holiness Jayandra saraswathi

  6. Human intellect is limited and anybody making a comment on pujya swamiji (HH JS) is a dumb fool. He is an outstanding sadhu and I have witnessed a NAGA Sadhu in Allahabad near Sangam standing with folded hands, in front of the Kanchi seer, during his visit, for close to ten minutes as if the two were engaged in telepathy… HH Jayendrarji has also resurrected Hindu dharma and except Ramakrishna Mission no other Hindu Mission was engaged in charity and it was due to his vision and efforts that Hindu Mission charitable hospitals have sprung across the Indian landscape.. Jaya Jaya Sankara also has his names twice upfront

    • We were performing a Goddess Durga homam supevised by a senior Brahmin who had rendered more than 1,000 RamayaNa upanyasams. He happened to mention that Mahaa perivaa was a sarvagnaa and because of Pudhu periva everything had gone hay-wire.

      I asked him if sarvajnaa meant “all-knowing”, he was actually saying that Mahaa perivaa was ignorant only in His most important task of appointing His successor and he, a mere householder brahmin, knew more than Mahaa perivaa.

      This senior brahmin was a genuine person, realized his mistake and immediately retracted his statement.

      Most people simply repeat thing without even understanding that they are saying things against their own beliefs

      Jaya Jaya Shankara
      Ra K Sankar

    • human intellect is not limited as what is mentioned.was there any trace of comment on chandrasekara saras wathi?who is at fault.please come out of your mental block.human intelect alone tries to know brammam.u fanatics should learn more to comment as dumb fool.

  7. the first rule of Bakthi as per garuda puranam is “mad bhakta jana vAtsalyam” — Accordingly we cannot point out a mistake on any divotee’s or Bagavathas. If it so for Bagavathas then think for Acharyas.

    Who are we to point mistakes on them.

    Lets pray god bless all these ppl who are speaking bad on acharyas.

  8. Swami Sri Jayendra Sarsswathi also performs miracles in the lives of those who revere Him.

    Once in 1991, He refused to bless me alone and then within 10 minutes blessed me for 30 seconds with both hands lifted, when my wife and dsughter joined me.

    When I landed in Botswana within 3 months therefrom, I got socially and professionally rejected and through a series of miracles, I happened to set up my own firm ‘Action Divine Associates’ and lived there educating my daughter up to Std X.

  9. Excellent article Sir. I feel proud that being born in this Sanatha Dharma we are truly blessed to have such great aacharyas as our Guru’s and guiding force. Let us all seek his blessings for ever and live according to their guidance.
    Jai sai ram
    Hara hara sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara
    Ravi Subramaniam,
    Toronto, Canada

  10. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara .My Koti Koti Pranams

  11. I am so happy to readv these letters,a true insight into our Mutt.I am truely greateful to you Sir.

  12. I absolutely agree to what you say…Just the basic point Mahaperiava has chosen his successor… We need not think beyond this at all being his devotees…

  13. Yes…Mahaperiyavaa’s selection wont go wrong and I am sure that Shri Jeyendra Saraswathi Swamigal would reckon the Hindu Dharma by all means….Jayajaya Shankara Harahara Shankara!

  14. Very good information.All should recall one information,
    Sri Jayendra saraswati swamigal was identified by Mahaswamy as HIs successor.
    Mahaswamy’s judgement cannot go wrong.

    • absolutely logical and true as well

      • Deluded souls deride sages of the Order of Swami
        Jayendra Saraswathi.

        He is the first one from an established Order of Vedic Monasticism to wipe out in action caste distinction (e.g., by visiting Dalit devotees and teaching them meditation).

        He is the first one to have made divine Life in ordinary circumstances amidst ordinary and even lowly people look possible.

        One must read the web account of the glories of His Horoscope by the pre-eminent astrolger Sanjay Rath

        Jaya Jaya Shankara!
        Ra K Sankar

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