Amazing darshan of Hanumanji

This happened in Kalika Mata temple in Ratlam,M.P., last month.

Pictures tell the true story. The Saintwas telling the story of Ramayana and “Hanumanji” appeared inthe form of langur !! The langur first went and sat near the singers andlistened to the kirtan, held the mic of the mahantji, got blessed by him,then “blessed” the saints and then sat in front of Shri Ramji’sphoto and took some of the flowers (note similar position to Shri Hanumanjiin the framed picture) and left quietly.
Bolo Siyavar Ramchandra ki Jai. PavanasutaHanuman ki Jai.

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  2. jai Bajrang Bali……..Jai shri ram

    always remember hanuman ji….

  3. Dear Seenu,
    I watched the video and it was superb. Thank you.

  4. mhesh,only now, i chanced to see the video clip,it’s” prathyaksham”

  5. This was shown on vernacular news channels at the time. It was very touching how lovingly he caressed the heads of the saints.

  6. Thank you again and again… and again….

  7. Thank You Mahesh for sharing this…..
    Jai Jai Hanuman
    Geetam Pietro Crivelli

  8. Jai hanuman Gyan Gun sagar

  9. This is actual Hanumanji.

  10. sreerama dotham sirasaa namami

  11. raman:
    The contrast in the photograph – the Mahantji and the Monkey for ex. -makes me feel that the photo is tampered. I am a healer and can scan the energies of people and things. The energy of the monkey and its surrounding doesn’t match the energy of the Guru and his surrounding.
    Photo has to be sent for closer examination.

    Dhaal me kuch kala hai.

    • Dear Raman –

      It has been universally said and seen that whenever there is a Ramayana discourse, Lord Hanuman appears there either in sthoola/sukshma form. There are 100s of instances that have been happening…. Swami Kripanandha Variyar, one of the greatest Mahans and a devotee of Kanchi Mahaswami confirms this in several of his experiences/speeches…..One such instance i know is that when Sankaracharya of Sringeri Peetam was giving Ramayana lecture as mentioned by Shri Krishna. Even if this photo is tampered, the fact/proof of those incidents happening can’t be forgotten.


    • This was shown on TV on the Hindi (and I guess Tamil, Telugu etc) news channels. The above photos match the videos. Not tampered.

    • Raman-ji, kindly see the video this URL leads to. Your doubts, whatsoever, will vanish.

  12. dear Sir

    Its Simply superb, sir

    Thank you for your blog contents

    all the best


  13. Dear Mahesh

    Please refer my earlier replies regarding Eechangudi

    In case you are not able to contact Sri.Chandramouli on his mobile, his landline number

    is 04374-242746

    Thank you Mahesh, for all the selfless service you are doing in propagating the memory

    of Mahaperiyavaa. The fortunate days I was blessed with Mahaperiyavaa’s dharshan are

    still GREEN in my memory, once at Mannargudi(KUNNIYUR Sambasiva Iyer’s residence)perhaps in 1955,once at Madras Sanskrit college in 1960, once at Vasantha Mandapam
    (near Ice House pumping station,Thiruvallikkeni,Madras) in 1962 and once at Kalavai in 1974-75. Great moments. I was doubly lucky to support carrying the MENA, along with
    other devotees during the PATTINA PRAVESAM to Sanskrit college when,the then Bala
    Periyava was accompanying on the elephant behind and every now and then, Mahaperiyava used to turn back and see, with the expression of VAATHSALYAM of a cow towards its calf, wheter Bala periyava was coming safe

  14. Eechangudi is near thiruvaiyaru which is near THANJAVUR

  15. Dear Mahesh,Three days back,my brother-in-law Santhanam visited Eechangudi the birth place of Mahaperiyavaa’s mother.The holy house where she was born is being renovated where a vedhapaatasaalaa is to be commissioned as per the wishes of Mahaperiyavaa.Till then,the paatasaalaa is conducted in another house in the agraharam and one Sri.Chandhramouli looks after the affairs.Sri Chandhramouli conveyed a lot of info.for whom my brother-in-law is all praise for his hospitality. Learnt that the villagefolks wished to the have thePaadharakshaaof Mahaperiyavaa installed there and made a pair in silver.Their wishes were also conveyed to Mahaaperiyavaa who didn’t respond immediately and only a few hours before His Mahaasiddhi,he beckoned for the Paadharaksha,wore and blessed.You may contact Chandhramouli on 955 106 1788 for more info. for your blog and include Eechangudi in your itinerary in Tiruvarur/Thanjavur dist;Our visits would give a fillip to Chandhramouli in his noble endeavours. All the best to all

  16. Blessed to see this and thanks once again Mahesh.

    In fact there was one real incident when Sri Mahasannidanam the Shankaracharya of Srigeri was giving lecture on Sri Ramayana, Anjaneya came in the form of Monkey and Sri Mahasannidhanam asked Anjaneya “இந்த பழத்தை நீங்க ஸ்வீஹரிசிக்குனும்” and it did take that.

    Yatra yatra raghunatha kirtanam;
    Tatra tatra kritha masthakanjalim;
    Bhaspavaari paripurna lochanam;
    Maarutim namata raakshasanthakam

    “We bow to Maruti, Sri Hanuman, who stands with his palms folded above his forehead,
    with a torrent of tears flowing down his eyes wherever the Names of Lord Rama are sung”


    • Mahesh, I am speeechless with emotion. Heartful thanks to you, bcos of you we are all having a darshan of Anjaneya swamy. Once again it is proved, Yatra yatra raghunatha kirtanam; Tatra tatra kritha masthakanjalim; How blessed that swamiji should be, to have been blessed by Anchanai putran. What else he wants in life. Even in this wretched Kali yuga, we are able to see happenings like this. I have heard being told by my parents that whereever Ramanaya parayanam is being done, a palakai will be put and it is understood that Anjaneya Swamy listens to the Parayanam in Sooshma Roopam. But sometimes, he also gives darshan like above.
      Hare Rama, Hare Rama , Hare Rama.

  17. I dont know how to thank your for sharing the Mahaperiyavaa bhajan and Sri Hanuman darisanam during Sri Ramayana parayanam. these are treasures. thanks very very much

    Maheshwaran G

  18. Hi Mahesh

  19. Mahesh,please do not say you are not blessed, otherwise you won’t do this SAGE OF KANCHI

  20. Inspiring

  21. In the above edit recide to reside

  22. The langur doesn’t know where its next morsel of food comes from or where would it stay during the next lightning/thunder storm,should be RAM NAAM takes care of it without the langur knowing about it

    We have the essentials and dream for super- essentials and Ram smiles and says, OH BALAHA, I give you chocolate to eat and Charminar to recide!

  23. Mahesh,I got it, thank you very much, Ram naam sathya hai

  24. Pl check and see if this looks ok….

  25. i am able to see the image in the posting – not sure what the problem is – still will fix it soon.

  26. Mahesh,The pictures do not get loaded and open up. any technicalities invollved,please

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