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Dear Devotees,

Since I got too busy with work and travel, not able to do much posting… Will resume….

However, I want to share an important info with you all. I have someone in India who seem to have some very old spool tapes (may be 5 or so) that consist of HH Mahaperiyavaa’s speeches. These date back to 40-50 years and seem to have recorded by some folks – history is unknown. All I know at this point is the name of the tapes and some details around it.  I guess that this might have at least 10-20 hours of recording – this is purely my guess…..As you might be aware, spool tapes are no longer available and player for that is hard to find. I am doing my research here in US to see if i can identify someone to restore these tapes.  Here are the tape info….

  1. Agfa Magnetoband FSP 180 meters/600 ft – Agfa Bayerwerk
  2. Gevasonor (Made in Belgium) – 800 ft
  3. Agfa FSB – 1200 ft – Biggest
  4. Agfa PE31 – Long Spl Band – Biggest
  5. Philips Base – Magnetic Tape 600 ft

Here are some links to let you know how this tape might look and the player might look also….

I guess they look like this –

Word of caution: dont buy anything from ebay.  Based on my research even if you find any player, it will not be in working condition.

I would like all your help in doing your own research about these tapes and get back to me – preferably if you know someone in some professional recording studios in India. If you find a working player (which is next to impossible), please let me know…..I will buy it also…. Based on which approach is going to be safe and feasible, we will try to recover the contents.

Needless to say, without His blessing, nothing will come out. So let us all pray Him to find a way to get these most precious contents out….


Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

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  1. You can also try reaching these people based in SFO

  2. Ignore this link if you have already contacted them.

  3. Mr mahesh / Mr Bhaskaran,
    Please do share the inf on cost if the deal is finalised.we will contribute for the same.


  4. Sir

    I have forwarded your request to the following experts who are doing yeomen service to Carnatic Music Rasikas all over the world.
    Sridharan Sankaran , They have done similar exercise for converting old spool tapes. I am confident they help. Suggest you may seek their help. Regards bhaskaran chennai

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