Sadasiva Samarambam Sankaracharya Madhyamam

Asmath acharya paryanthan vandhe guru paramparam

Banks of Cauvery, the sacred river, has to its credit many holy places. These are  standing testimony to our great cultural and architectural marvel, even amidst the proclaimed technical advancement of this date.  Kumbakonam, known as temple town or town of Mahamaham Kumbhmela, is one such holy place.  The Kanchi Mutt  had deep roots in Kumbakonam and Sri Mahaswamigal had spent here long years of his ascendancy to the Mutt as 68th Pontiff .  With the blessings of H.H Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal and H.H Sri Sankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamigal, Atirudram/Sahasrachandi Yegnam are being conducted at the known Atishtanams of Kanchi Guruparampara. This took place coinciding with the Jayanthi/Aradana of Mahaswamigal.  Paying  reverential prostrations at the Holy feet of Acharyal and invoking Their Grace,  the next Yegnam  is proposed to be conducted  at Kumbakonam between 20thMay 2011 Friday and 30th May 2011 Monday,.  during the forthcoming Jayanthi of Mahaswamigal. The venue being, Kanchi Mutt in the Brindavanam  precincts of  62nd , 63rd , 64th Guru-mahatmas.


For Donation info, please contact Shri Moorthy J.G – – Ph.NO: 0431 2434779 Mobile: +91 9840918710.

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  1. Dear Shri Murthy,

    Thank you very much for considering donation for this yegnam. I have given the contact details of Shri Moorthy, who runs a non-profitable trust, to whom you can send your donations. You can also get a tax-benefit from this donation. I am also awaiting response from him on the address to be sent, name of the trust etc. I will update this post tomorrow.

    India contact::

    Shri Moorthy J.G – – Ph.NO: 0431 2434779 Mobile: +91 9840918710

  2. is there any way to send money through net?? or any bank account??


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