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  1. very interesting to feel of mahaeriyava meeting variyarswamigal.
    thanks for exhibiting such rare photos.

  2. hi sir

  3. Once Mahaperiyava forbade Variar Swamigal from performing namaskaram to Him. He reasoned that the lingam and rudraksha mala that Variar was wearing would touch the ground as he prostrated, which would be a sacrilege. From this, we need to learn that at the end of the puja or otherwise, when we prostrate, we need to remove the rudraksham and then do namaskaram.

  4. what a passion towards the living god.mahaperiaval blessings to you always,

  5. Thank you.Dhanya hoon!


    • I have held Mahaperiyavaa as God in human form and have held Wariar swamigal in highest esteem. His erudition in Tamil was of very high order. I thank you for sending this rare photograph of Mahaperiavaa and Swamigal sharing the platform together.

  6. Thank you mahesh, with the blessings of mahaperiyava and swamigal,your noble service

    may continue uninterupted

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