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  1. We are Blessed to Get Sripadaravinda Darshan of His Holiness.

    Acharyaya Sankaracharyaya
    Santume Janma Janmani
    Sastram Saarira Mimamsa
    Devastu Parameshvara
    Santume Janma Janmani


  2. kaana kan kodi vendum, ip piravi petra payan ethuthan

  3. Dear sir

    Paarkka Paarkka paravasam.


  4. Hari Om
    Indeed a great Darshan & Grace !
    Look at the kindness & concern. Back drop is beautiful Krishna !

    Hari Om

    • Dear Mr.Mahesh,

      You have brought out one of the best THIRU PADA DHARISANAM of MAHA PERIAVA. With the blessings of the Guru, bring out more such rare treasures.

  5. this one photogrph is worth millions ,great service by you
    let us daily worship him and get bleseed ,rare to get pada pooja like this

  6. Thanks A Millions Mahesh Sir for the invaluable photograph of Mahaperiyaval!

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