Mantra Sakthi

Maha Periyava came to the peeta (of the Kanchi Mutt) at the young age of 12. Maha Periyava took sanyasa at the young age of 12. He came to the Peeta at this tender age. Just as we say a father should behave like a father, a mother should behave as befitting her status, so was Maha

Periyava as a ‘Peetadipathi’ (Head of a Religious Mutt). He was an example of how a Peetadipathi should be. He was so in all aspects – as a Sanyasi, as a Guru, as a Vidwan and as a Tapasvi. He possessed highly exceptional qualities that are beyond description (‘anirvachaneeyam’ ).

He was an adept in Mantra Shastras. Once, a poor boy came to MahaPeriyava in deep anguish. He had none to call his own except a sister whom he had married off. But she had become mentally deranged and her in-laws were pressuring him to take her back. He had no permanent
earning or place of stay, and so was perturbed about bringing his sister back. She used to behave abnormally. Periyava asked the boy to bring the sister while He performed Lord Chandramouleeswara puja. Periyava said that after the puja He would do japa with the sandal
paste (‘chandan’) which He would splash on her; and, she will react violently and run to a mango tree. Periyava instructed that none should follow her or stop her. She was very restless when she was brought in and would not stand there. Maha Periyava did as He had said. She ran
out and hit against a tree and fell. She then became all right as the ‘brahma rakshas’ that had caught hold of her had left her. No allopathic medicine can cure such troubles. They will call it nervous weakness and at the most put the person to sleep using sedatives.

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  1. You are really blessed to carry his padukas……He is living God…Whenever I read about I feel always feel he should be there for his bhaktas …how can he leave us…Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara……

    • Actually Mahaperiyava is with us always for those who believe so .. I shall narrate my personal experience .. My daughter after Plus 2 was in a dilemma which college to select as for her cut-off marks she would not get top 10 colleges .. We were told that we need to short list 5 colleges and during councelling must quickly decide one college where seat is available .. We left the choice to Mahaperiyava and decided to take which ever college we were allotted during councelling .. A day before councelling also we were not sure about which college should would get for her cut-off marks. On the day of councelling one her former classmate had telephoned and advised us to opt for one particular college(which we did not even know it existed) as it is situated closer to our residence and the track record of the college is excellent. The councelling was over in 10 minutes we got the seat in that particular college and the admission process was over within a hour. Our Joy had no bounds .. It is none other than periyava who advised us in the form of her classmate and showed us the right path ..

      • Amazing…..Unconditioned mind thinks that we can solve the problem by ourselves without leaving to Him and get into problems, worries etc.

        Thanks for sharing….

  2. Maha periava, the thought of HIM it self is the remedy for many problems. I was a naughty boy in my child hoodMy mother is a widow. I was a terror to people in the agraharam As a child I was so. my mother was praying in the house as as a widow she will not step out of the house. She asked me to go and see Him on the day when pattanapravsam was there in the village. I do not know what happened to me I wentn to thirumalai rajan reiver from where pattaqpravesam wasorganised. all came prostrayed before Him and I also prostated . he left his paguka and asked by sign to take it. I took it and kept it on my head and ever since then I have become a tamed dog and adevotee of Him. Any person from from my family or when wour relatives visited him He asked them about my wefare as By that time I was emploed in rlys un north India at the age of 19And I have lot of personal experience. HE is ADISANKARA reincaranated

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