Divine Vision

There have been Mahatmas in every age. They have divine vision. Nothing
is unknown to them. Sri Ekamram (a householder who had been a personal
attendant to Maha Periyava for nearly three decades) said that once
when Maha Periyava had camped in Pandaripura, there lived in this holy
kshetra a young boy who used to do severe sadhana. He used to visit
Periyava every day. His hair was unkempt and he wore religious marks on
his body. He repeatedly sought sanyasa from Maha Periyava. But Maha
Periyava’s only response to all his pleadings was silence. Whereas,
there was this man who was doing ‘bhiksha kainkarya’ (cooking and
serving food) to Maha Periyava and who was not in the least interested
in sanyasa.

But Periyava coaxed him into it! This man went on grumbling, ‘I did not
want sanyasa but Periyava has given it!’ And people around found fault
with Periyava’s actions. They said, “How religious and spiritual this
young boy is but Periyava has refused sanyasa to him whereas He has
given it to another who does not want it and does not seem to deserve

People see and judge a person outwardly whereas a Mahatma ‘sees’
through him and knows him inside out. After some years it was learnt
through newspapers that this boy who had sought sanyasa from Periyava
had married a foreign lady! With our limited mind we cannot see within.
But a Mahatma’s viewpoint (‘drishti’) is always right. To comment on
their actions or to analyze their actions is very wrong.

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  1. Well said Mahesh Sir .. We judge a person by their outerlook and ultimately we are proved wrong ..

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