Paramacharya Sapthaham

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  1. When I talk to Shri Ganesha Sharm next timea, I will find out… I will fix this link tomorrow.

  2. I am very eager to listen to Paramacharya sapthaham by Ganesh sarma. is there any chance of getting another version of sapthaham uploaded. Is there any possibility of getting mp3 CDs of this sapthaham.

  3. Dear bhakthas,

    namaskarams. can i get the cd of various sapthagams rendered by Sri.ganeshs shama.

  4. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for your service to humanity in making all of us avail the audio recordings of the “Paramacharya Sapthaham”.
    I have a couple of queries on the same:-
    Firstly, the “Upadesha Kaadam” seems to end ubruptly. Is there any other link from where I can download the entire file?
    Secondly, a lot of comments have been posted on different version of “Ganesha Sarma’s” audio recroding of Paramacharya’s life. Could you kindly provide the link to avail the same?

    Thanking you in advance.


  5. i have another set of CDs – not sure if they are from chennai. will find and upload them as well.


  6. Hi All,

    Any Updates regarding the Sapthaham delivered by Sri Ganesa Sharma in Chennai at different places.Has it been uploaded ? If yes can some one provide the link…i am eagerly awaiting to listen them…

    jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

  7. Hi,

    Could someone please give me how to contact Shri Ganesh Sharma.
    Is he from Chennai?

    Thanks in Advance

    • Hi

      Shri Ganesa Sharma is from Chennai and his mobile is xxxxxxxxx.

      Number removed by administrator for privacy reasons…

      • Hi Thanks a lot (Assuming number is authentic.Thousands of namasakaram to you.), is there any email of shri Ganesh sharma so that I Could mail him and then contact him at his personal no.Please let me know,once again thanks in advance

    • Hi varadha,

      Reach me at my mail id ( for Ganesa Sarma’s contact details.


      Harekrishna alias Srikrishna Sarma

  8. Dear devotees of Maha Periayavaa

    I have the collection of Sapthaham delivered by Sri Ganesa Sharma in Chennai at different places. The content is different from what has been posted here as Sri Ganesa Sharma has used different experiences of different people in those. But I do not know how to upload it. Can some body help me with the process? My contact number is +971 50 6408915

  9. Mahesh ji,

    would kindly and humbly request you to facilitate Mr.Sriram’s request on uploading another version of Shri.Ganesa Sarma’s Maha Periyavaa Sapthaham.


    Harekrishna S V (Srikrishna Sarma)

    • Dear devotees,

      Firstly, my apologies for a delayed response. I just sent a detailed email to all readers of this blog…. Please check your mails and let me know your thoughts….



    • I talked to Shri Ganesha Sharma – he does not require any commercial spin to his speeches. He is fine in posting them on this blog.

      Dear Sriram – Please let me know where you live etc and we can figure out how to get those CDs/mp3s etc…..



      • Hi , he is from chennai .He stays near vembulimamman koil virugambakkam his contact number is 9940344719.

  10. Dear Mr. Mahesh

    Thank you for this wonderful audio. Good seva for the society. I have another version of saptaaham by Shri. Ganesh Sharma on Maha Periyava. Please do let me know how to upload the same on this blog which might also be of use to our devotees.


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