Paramarcharya comments on fake gurus

“Once Sri Chandrasekhara Saraswati Swami of Kanchi Mutt (Sri Periyava) had camped in North India. The then Prime Minister, Smt. Indira Gandhi, came to have His darshan.

The Prime Minister of India placed a similar question in front of Sri Periyava, “If you would pinpoint the persons who, in the name of spirituality, lead the people in a wrong way I will take action against them.” Sri Periyava laughed and said, “No! It should not be handled in this manner. Those who approach such fake swamis will themselves, after a time, understand their standard of maturity.”

Sri Periyava knew that this reply did not satisfy Smt. Indira Gandhi. Someone had offered a basket full of mangoes to Periyava. It contained many unripe and a few ripe fruits. Many devotees waited outside for Sri Periyava’s darshan. Sri Periyava instructed the attendants to bring a child from amongst these devotees. A child of about 5 years was brought to Him. Pointing to the basket Periyava smilingly said to the child, “Take whatever you want.” After a search the child picked up a ripe fruit.

Sri Periyava pointed out to Smt.Indira Gandhi who was watching this, “Just as the way a child knows what is ripe and what is unripe, so too would those who go out in search of Truth recognize a true Mahan at some point of their life.”

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  1. In yet another incident,
    A Lady by name,Saroja,was all in tears infront of Periyavaa..Periyava asked her:
    “why you are so much distressed?”
    She narrated how she was so devoted to a Guru for several years and suddenly she finds that the ‘guru’ is not an ‘acceptable one’..He is a’diabolic one..’..
    That causes me lots of bad unbearable I dont know waht to do..
    Periyavaa:”So whats that I can do?”
    “Some one said you are the greatest..MOst upright and I have come here to be staying here for ever with your guidance and die as thats the only way I can over come my emotions..?”
    Periyava:”What makes you think I am better than your Guru?”
    She was speechless for a minute..
    Periyavaa said:’Yathatho kyapi Kauntheya,Purushashya vipaschithaha’says Lord Krishna and the moment you are born,a human being is ‘bound’ to make mistakes..I can understand your feelings..but that doesn’t make me recommend that’I’ am a better Guru..What you shd do is to silently pray to the Lord Venkateshwara and try to look at the Good qualities of the same Guru,in your own house..You need not search for another Guru,as if your devotion is pure’you will attain Moksha and for whatever that Guru is,he will either get Moksha or not..”
    She was highly relieved and prostrated..
    Later she revealed that she is an Iyengar and was happy to have met Periyavaa after a lot of hesitation in her life!

  2. Talking about Indira Gandhi…
    It was in 1979…Indira Gandhi was powerless and Charan Singh was the PM.She desperately tried to come back to power.She visited Periyavaa on July 5th at Hampi(as I was in Bellary and I had Darshan of Periyavaa on 4th July..this news item was carried in the Hindu on 6th July)
    Periyavaa never even looked at Indira Gandhi in 1975 after emergency she imposed when she had called on Him at Kalavai but this time ‘Indira Gandhi walked bare foot in the hot Bellary climate inside the Hampi Temple..and when she met Him,she asked for His blessings..Periyavaa was in a happy mood and asked her :”Blessings for you or your family or for the Nation?”
    She said:”For the Nation..”
    “In that case time is not far off..”She spent a few minutes and left..
    Suddenly within 3 months Charan Singh’s govt was pulled won(none expected it) and Indira Gandhi became the PM in 1980 early elections..
    Because she strongly felt that His blessings had only helped her,she came all the way to Kanchi to again take His blessings in 1981..
    Periyavaa asked her to do something in her capacity for Sanskrit which is decaying day by day..Next day she ear marked rs 4 cr for Sanskrit research and dev and asked AIR to bring out every day a news bulletin in Sanskrit(I don’t know whther it continues still..)
    Periyavaa is what we have heard of Maha Rishis in Vedas..
    pls read my experience in this link too :-

    • “Sanskrit research and dev and asked AIR to bring out every day a news bulletin in Sanskrit(I don’t know whther it continues still..)”

      Yes, the news broadcast in sanskrit continues to this day. For those, who cannot listen to the AIR broadcast directly because of time difference, they may listen to the taped recordings of the daily news in sanskrit at

      Please endorse and support the sanskrit news broadcast (the website shows how), otherwise it may be pulled off air because of lack of listeners or interest.


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