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    This incident took place many years back. Kanchi Maha Swami was then camped in Karaikkudi. HE was then camping in a ‘Nagarathar’ choultry. At that time, the Matham was going through some financial difficulties.

    The manager of the Matham had an idea. Karaikkudi was a place where there were wealthy Nagarathars. There were many streets in that town. The manager thought that if MahaPeriyava was taken in a Pallak (Pattina Pravesham) around the streets, then a lot of money can be collected for the Matham. He decided to convey this to MahaPeriyava and obtain His permission.

    Around noon one day, Periyava was resting after completing His Bhiksha. Hesitatingly, the manager went and stood near Periyava without talking.

    “Come..what is the matter ? Looks to Me as if you are hesitating to tell Me something”, Swamigal asked.
    Very carefully, hesitatingly, the manager began, “I have arranged for a Pattina Pravesham in this town on the day after tomorrow”
    “For whom?”
    “For Periyava”, the manager said slowly.
    “What is the need for that now?”
    Covering his mouth with his hand, the manager replied, “It is like this Periyava. If we take Periyava in a Pallak around the streets of this town, we will get a lot of money from the Nagarathars. It will ease some of the financial difficulties we are currently undergoing”
    “Why are you thinking of adopting ways like this to earn money for the Matham ? I cannot do this. I don’t have any intention of going around in a Pallak like this !”, said Periyava a little sternly.

    “It is not like that Periyava….”, started the manager.
    Periyava got up from there. “Want to know what is My programme on the day after tomorrow ? Do you remember some poor people from a village near Devakottai came and said Saami should please come for the Shivan Kovil Kumbhabhishekham festival in their village ? We are all going to that Kumbhabhishekham festival. Make all arrangements for our visit”, Periyava started to go inside.

    As Periyava was going inside, in spite of himself, the manager grumbled, “If we go to events like the Kumbhabhishekham festival, will the Matham take care of itself (Yaar Padi ALappa?)”?
    Unfortunately, Periyava heard what the manager said, stopped, turned back and looked at the manager. The manager could not meet Periyava’s gaze and quietly slipped away.

    As planned, Maha Periyava along with his entourage, started for the Shivan kovil Kumbhabhishekam festival in the village near Devakottai. As usual Periyava walked very fast. HIS attendants followed Him.

    After walking for some distance, they reached a place where 4 roads intersected. At that intersection, thousands of villagers had assembled to take Periyava’s Darshan.
    Looking at the villagers, Maha Periyava was extremely happy ! HE sat down under a big banyan tree there. The villagers quickly formed a line and came and prostrated themselves at the feet of MahaPeriyava and took His blessings. They had not come with empty hands. As per each person’s capacity, they had brought coins of Re 1, 50np, 25np and offered them at the feet of MahaPeriyava as ‘Guru Kanikkai’. It took more than 5-6 hours by the time everybody completed their Darshan

    The coins offered at the feet of MahaPeriyava had become a small hill. The Swamigal took leave from the villagers and started back.

    The manager came near the hill of coins. He instructed that a ‘Marakkal’ (measuring jar) be brought from one of the bullock carts. He began to measure the coins using that Marakkal and fill a gunny bag.

    The Swamigal who had already walked some distance, stopped suddenly and came back.
    HE smilingly said to the manager, “Remember what you said the other day ? ‘If we go to events like the Kumbhabhishekham festival, will the Matham take care of itself (Yaar Padi ALappa?)’. Now you yourself are counting the coins using the Marakkal ! Think about this…”
    The manager felt ashamed. He crossed the gunny bags full of coins and fell prostrate at Periyava’s feet. With tears in his eyes, he said, “I should not have said that. Periyava should forgive me”
    Periyava walked away smiling.

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