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    One day, dusk was falling. When MahaPeriyava was giving Darshan, an old couple came, prostrated themselves in front of Him and stood in front of Him. Both of them were wearing new clothes.

    Looking at them, Periyava asked with compassion, “Did everything go fine ?”
    The couple fell down and prostrated themselves in front of Periyava. The lady wiped her tears. They must have been tears of happiness. The Mahan asked them to sit down in front of Him and was talking with them. People standing around HIM noticed that His hands were busy knitting some flowers available there into a garland. Two garlands were thus made ready. HE asked the couple to put the garlands on each other. On Periyava’s instructions, some Veda experts chanted some mantras at that time. The lady was in tears and kept saying “Sarveshwara…Sarveshwara !”, her hands folded in Namaskaram. Periyava blessed them heartily and sent them on their way.

    “Who is this couple ? Why did Periyava string a garland for them with His own holy hands ?”, thus thought an attendant standing nearby. He approached the couple and asked them. This was their story.

    They were from Bangalore. A Bheemaratha Shanthi function (70 years completion) had been arranged for them at their son’s house in Chennai that morning. They had started for Bangalore after lunch.

    The mother asked her son, “I want to take the Darshan of MahaPeriyava at Kanchi on the way”
    “It is not possible today, Amma. I have an important work at Bangalore tomorrow morning. I will send you to Kanchipuram again in a day or two”, said the son.
    So apart from mentally praying to Periyava, there was no other way, decided the mother. Her mind was completely on MahaPeriyava.

    All of them started in two cars from Chennai. One of the cars broke down on the fork road at Vellore – the axle was broken. It would take at least two hours to fix the car.

    Then a desire arose in the mother’s mind. ‘Kanchipuram is very nearby. We can take one car, take Darshan of Periyava and come back !’ Nobody there, including the son, objected to this idea. Leaving everybody else there, only the couple came to take the Darshan of the Mahan. The above incident took place then.

    Periyava never forsakes those who surrender in Him completely. This incident proves that.


    One day, there was a big crowd to take MahaPeriyava’s Darshan. Then, a high ranking officer’s group came there parting the crowd !
    “Move aside….move aside”, attendants of the officer called out loudly. Plates of different fruits were kept in front of Periyava in a flurry.
    A couple came just behind – the officer and his wife !
    An attendant of the Matham introduced them to Periyava, “They have come to take MahaPeriyava’s Darshan”. The couple prostrated themselves in front of Him. Then they submitted the fruits to Periyava.

    In a gentle voice, Periyava asked them, “What’s all this?”
    “This is my humble contribution to Periyava”, said the officer.
    There was a smile playing on His lips, “I’m after all a Sanyasi, I don’t eat fruits”
    The officer’s discomfort was visible.
    Periyava called one of His attendants and said, “Do one thing, take all these fruits and distribute them to everybody standing outside”

    What will those standing around think ? ‘Why is He rejecting something that somebody has brought with so much devotion ? Will He also reject whatever even I have brought ?’

    Such questions would definitely have come up in the minds of those present there. It came up in the mind of one particular person who had also come there along with his wife and it upset him. The reason was that he had also come with fruits and was standing in line for Darshan.

    His turn came. He kept the fruits in a bamboo place in front of Periyava, fell at His feet with devotion and got up.
    Smiling, Periyava looked at him. HE then called his attendant and said, “Keep these fruits safely inside”
    HE motioned for the couple to sit down in front of Him and said, “You know the officer who had come just now ? People who come to him for their personal work to be done would have given him a lot of fruits. Why should he get them here ? That is why I sent them away”

    As soon as he heard this explanation, that person began to pat his cheeks with his fingers with tears of joy, “MahaPrabhu…MahaPrabhu…”

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