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  1. English translation.

    That omniscient Parameshwaran, which is MahaPeriyava was in the Kumbakonam Kanchi Matham. Vyasa Pooja was going on in full fervour. Shri Chandramouleeshwarar Pooja got completed. There was a lot of crowd to take the Darshan of MahaPeriyava. With His Holy Hands, He was giving Abhisheka Theertham to people as they came in a line. As one particular devotee’s turn came, the Mahan looked up at him as He gave the Theertham.
    To him, He said, “Come early tomorrow for the Veda Parayanam.” Can there be any cross question for Periyava’s orders ?

    As ordered by Periyava, next morning, that person came and participated in the Veda Parayanam. The Parayanam was in progress. Suddenly, MahaPeriyava came there, which was unusual.

    He keenly observed this particular devotee doing Parayanam. It was apparent that he was struggling with his breathing during the Parayanam. He was clearly having difficulty in chanting the mantrams. MahaPeriyava observed that there was some problem in either his throat or his lungs.

    After the completion of the Veda Parayanam, when the distribution of Prasadam was ongoing, He indicated to this particular devotee to wait for some time.

    The devotee immediately became anxious. He was worried that the Mahan had observed some flaw in his chanting and was asking him to wait so that He could censure him.

    In some time, a doctor came there. As per Periyava’s orders the doctor gave him a complete checkup. Later, the doctor took him to his hospital and made him undergo various tests. It was discovered that there was a problem in his heart. That was the reason for the difficulty he had in doing the Parayanam.

    As per Periyava’s orders, the doctor gave him good treatment and cured him without any operation. After around 10 days that devotee again came to see Periyava.
    “Now, I want you to do Veda Parayanam for some time”, ordered Periyava. This time, he could chant the mantras without any difficulty. Periyava had saved him from an impending disaster. Do you know what that devotee had to say about this ?
    “As mentioned in the Thevaram, all our difficulties and problems which could impact us in the future are easily removed when we pray steadfastly to the Lord”


    Among the many people who were involved in serving MahaPeriyava, Srikantan was a prominent man. He believed there is no other world apart from Periyava.

    Once, the Mahan was not in the Matham. He was in a place a little far away from the Matham. I do not remember now which place that was. Dusk was falling. Srikantan was grinding flour on a stone mill. Though his hands were at work, his mind was completely on MahaPeriyava. Then suddenly, an attendant of the Matham came there in a hurry.
    “MahaPeriyava has ordered you to come immediately, stopping whatever work you may be doing !”, he told hurriedly.
    Srikantan did not stop to ask as to why Periyava had issued an order like this. He rushed to Periyava’s Sannidhi immediately. As soon as Srikantan left his place by the stone mill, the walls and roof there just caved in. He would have definitely be trapped under the debris.

    It was solely due to the vision and compassion of MahaPeriyava that he was saved that day. Could he ask the Sarveshwaran as to how He knew ? With tears in his eyes, Srikantan just fell prostrate in front of MahaPeriyava.

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