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  1. Maha periyavaals dharshan itself can transform a person to high level.His sambhasanam his dhristi can remove anybodys dhosham is certain.My grandfather Brahmashri Anantha krishna iyer “s younger days spend at Chengam village very near to Thiruvannamalai.He was a road mastri,has to move with poor earth workers.one day one worker told my grand father one big swami is camping at kanchi (this place is in north arcot district)My grand father and father immediately rushed to that place,he saw our Paramacharyal camping there.,My Grand father and father prostrate before swamigal,then the strength of brahmins in that village is almost nil,then swamigal enquire about my grandfather and father,my grand father told him we are from palghat,i am working here as a road maistry then swamigal asked him what are all your routine prayers,my thatha told swamigal i am ragularly doing sandhyavandhan and never fail to do pitrukarmas my father passed away when i was 9 yearsold,from that time onwards i am doing my fathers shradham. I used to attend regular saturday and eakadasi bhajan conducted at our village.Then swamigal told him please study VISHNU SAHASRANAMAM and do regular parayanam.He take this as VEDA VAKKU and begin to write vishnu sahasranamam regularly and byheart the same.He was known as Bhajanapatta in our village(Perumbavoor-Very near to the birth place od Adi Sankara Bhagavath Padal) When my father got employment in TRAVANCORE RAYONS my grand father too dispose his property at Chengam and settle down with my father.at Perumbavoor.Our kuladaivam is Tirupathi Venkitachapathy,so vishnu parayanam is a must for our family. My grand fathers death was also very peaceful he told my father to recite vishnu sahasranamam and told every one there Vishnu has come and ask my father to show karpoora haRATHY ,THEN HE BREATH HIS LAST.with namasmaranam . our mAHA PERIYAVAAL IS A DEERGA DHARSHI AND HE WILL ADVISE PEOPLE TO THERE CAPACITY.
    “Sri Rama Jayam”

    • Tears in my eyes….I heard one such ncident where Mahaperiyava asked a devotee to chant vishnusahasranamam and how that chained hm and all around him…..not sure if these are the same…..the important thing to note is the bakthi of your grandfather and e trust and complete faith in mahaswami’s words and taking it as vedavakku….for me, that is what seems to be missing…..I think I have a long way to go…..heart-filling to read such great incidents…..

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