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    Vadavambalam village is near Vizhupuram. Periyava was passing by that way in 1926. Due to a sudden thought in His mind, He entered that village with his entourage.

    HE asked all the old men He met on the way, “There used to be a Sanyasi who lived here, do you remember?”
    Nobody appeared to remember. But one very old man in that group said that he remembered a Sanyasi who lived in that village and that he attained Samadhi also in the same village. He added that pooja used to happen for 2-3 years to the Samadhi but stopped thereafter.

    Realizing that the 58th Peethadhipathi Atma Bodendra Saraswthi Swamigal had attained Samadhi in that very village, He searched all over in that village and discovered it. HE then asked one of his attendants to dig in that place.

    “Don’t dig wide, dig deep”, he ordered. Using a pickaxe, one person started digging in the place indicated by Periyava. Then suddenly, one person in the crowd by name Kumaramangalam Sambamurthy Sastrigal started shouting, “Stop digging…stop digging !” Subsequently, he fell down unconscious.

    The person who was digging was shocked and stopped digging. It was a long time before he regained consciousness. MahaPeriyava gently asked him what happened.
    He began to narrate. “Saffron robes…. Dandam in hand….. Rudrakshai malai on the neck…. ash smeared on the forehead….. an image of a Sanyasi who was as big as the sky appeared in front of my eyes. I could also see thousands of Vedic Pundits doing Veda Parayanam. At one point, I could hear His gentle voice, ‘Don’t dig, don’t dig’. It is possible that I may have shouted out the same. Later that big image became small and disappeared ! I could hear somebody chanting ‘Sadashivam…Sadashivam…’ ”

    Having thus ascertained that the Adhishtanam of Shri Atma Bodhendra Saraswathi Swamigal was indeed there, MahaPeriyava built a Brindavanam at the Adhishtanam on 17/Jan/1927 and installed a Shivalingam there. Nowadays an annual Aaaradhanai is conducted there.

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