7-Day Online Sri Adi Sankara Jayanthi Mahotsavam Across the US

Shankara Jayanti Samarpanam

With Shri Periyava’s anugraham, over 9 Pathashalas and Satsangams across North America, have come together to organize this Second Online Shankara Jayanti Saptaha Samarpanam. Children and adults will be offering Sangitam, vaadhyam, stotram, sambhaashanam in Samskritam and various other Bharatiya bhaasha-s, as well as a nrityam presentation of Chidvilasiya Avatara Ghattaha (Bharatanatyam) – chapter which contains the section about the birth of Shr Shankara Bhagavatpada.

Join this celebration from your homes for the daily live-streaming, and support all the children and teachers who are offering their Samarpanam.

Live Streaming: https://www.youtube.com/live/L8nko2AoKfA

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