Upakarma – Avani avittam


Avani Avittam aka Upakarma is around the corner. In this session one can find answers to questions such as

What is upakarma?

Is this a mere Poonal changing ceremony?

What is the relationship btw upakarma and changing poonal?

How/Why to perform for Upakarma?

How to do Gayathri Japam? etc.


As Chandogya Upanishad say,

“yadeva vidyayA karoti
shraddhayopaniShadA tadeva vIryavattaraM bhavatIti” || 1.1.10||

Whatever we do, with the knowledge of its meaning, with Shradha and with bhagavadarpana bhava, the karma becomes more beneficial. Lets understand upakarma and perform the rituals so that, it too becomes more beneficial for us.


Dr. Shyam Panchapakesan


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