Shivanandalahari explanations Shlokas 38-40


Shivanandalahari explanations for shlokas 38-40

Shivanandalahari, mainly focusses on Bhakti in addition to Gnana and Upasana. In shlokas 38 and 39 Parameswara is compared to a moon, a king respectively. Shloka 38 is especially beautiful for its use of சிலேடை between moon and Shiva.

In Shloka 40, acharya is doing farming in his heart with Ishwaras stories as water. If the crops of Gnana and ananda in my heart are nourished with the waters of Iswara katha, why should any one fear of any famine, he asks. A very relevant comparison especially now where experts predict food crisis.

The explanations start form 25 mins.


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