Narayaneeyam day tomorrow 13th Dec 2020

Many of you appreciated this post about Narayaneeyam day and took up the exercise and you will be completing the 100th dashakam tomorrow. Narayaneeyam day and one-dashakam-a-day parayanam

Some of you are asking me “what should we do on completion?”. You can do some neivedyam, pujai etc as per your convenience, but what is more important is to take a resolution to read Narayaneeyam regularly going forward. In the 10th slokam of 3rd dashakam Bhattathri says –

किमुक्तैर्भूयोभिस्तव हि करुणा यावदुदिया-
दहं तावद्देव प्रहितविविधार्तप्रलपितः ।
पुरः क्लृप्ते पादे वरद तव नेष्यामि दिवसा-
न्यथाशक्ति व्यक्तं नतिनुतिनिषेवा विरचयन् ॥१०॥

O Lord! What is the use of my mere prattling? O Bestower of boons! I have resolved that till Thy Grace descends on me, giving up all my lamentations, I shall do prostration at Thy holy feet which are in front of me, sing Thy glories and do service to Thee as best as I can. Thus worship Thee.

This is what Swamigal says when devotees ask what to do at the end of any bhajanam (worship). Till we get anugraham we should constantly do bhagavath bhajanam.

I have shared full narayaneeyam (samskritam) as a pdf in my website. Recently I printed it and found that it will be better if the font is bigger and if the letters have more space in between to read as a book. So
I have reformatted and added another pdf in this post for printing. -> Narayaneeyam book – lyrics split the way Swamigal reads (samskritham)

I always share the post and not the direct link because I have this habit of incrementally improving things. Like adding script, adding related posts, updating the document, I even edit and change the audios, So the final version will always be in the post. Happy Narayaneeyam day.

Tamizh version of Swamigal way narayaneeyam is also available here – Narayaneeyam single pdf tamizh – lyrics split the way Swamigal reads
Yet to do “Formatting for print”. Will do that soon.

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  1. We Kuwait group abt 10 devotees made it a point to recite one Dasagam daily till today. Wonderful experience. Hari Om

  2. Thank you so much for your service. The sanskrit, Tamizh text along with audio is very helpful. It is our bhaagyam to read the divine experiences you share with Swamigal.

  3. It by Divine Grace that we came to know about Narayaneeyam day and were able to take up daily parayanam.
    As for Narayaneeyam books, there are many Tamil versions in the market. The best among them appears to be the edition by Gita Press Gorakhpur. It is in large format. [ 11″x7.5 “] The text is given in fairly large Tamil letters. The words are properly split. Tamil letters are printed with appropriate number (2,3,4) to indicate the correct Samskritam pronunciation. The meanings of the shlokas are given in Tamil, by Taramangalam S.Subrahmanya Sastrigal. It is o.k. though at some places deviation from traditional usage is jarring. [ eg. பூசனை for பூஜை / ஆராதனை; வடமொழி for Samskritam.] The Tamil text of the moolam is easy for Parayanam.
    The edition by Brahmasri Sengalipuram Anantarama Dikshitar in two volumes contains the text in Samskritam with the Tamil transliteration. But the Tamil text is not number-marked for pronunciation.. Sri Dikshitar has given his traditional comments in his characteristic style.
    There are two bonuses in this edition. One is the number of miraculous incidents in the life of many persons that did occur in this recent Kali age too, due to the Grace of Guruvayurappan that Sri Dikshitar has narrated. All these incidents were within the personal knowledge of Sri Dikshitar. The second is the history of Jada Bharata which occurs in the 5th Canto of Bhagavatam. Somehow, Sri Narayana Bhattatiri did not include this history in Narayaneeyam. Sri Dikshitar composed 3 dasakams on this history and first read it in Guruvayurappan Sannidhi during Nirmalya Darsanam. Sri Dikshitar has included it in this edition.

    We are very happy and grateful for having instructed us about this important event so that we could do systematic parayanam.
    Namastasmai Bhagavate Sri Krishnaya.

  4. Anna pls the Tamil version also.

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