Mooka pancha shathi in Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam scripts

Found a tool called aksharamukha to convert samskritham text to other languages. Since I have been reading / teaching mooka pancha shathi for a few years now, I have a samskritham version of the stothram that is well reviewed. I know that many of my students would appreciate to read it in their native language. So, here is mooka pancha shathi in Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam scripts. If you find paata bhedam, This is the version that my Sri Sadguru Govinda Damodara Swamigal taught me.

Mooka pancha shathi in Telegu script

Mooka pancha shathi in Kannada script

Mooka pancha shathi in Malayalam script

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  1. Can I get Telugu meanings for Mookapanchasathi, except Arya Sathakam. Which I got. Recently. …..otherwise where can I get.please give e mail. I stay in Hyderabad.

  2. Great job sir

  3. Namaskaram🙏, thank you for sharing this.
    I am very interested to learn Mooka Panchashati from a Guru, could you please let me know if you’re taking / teaching MookaPanchasati Sloka online classes.
    I recently bought the Mooka Panchashati book from the bookstall at Kanchi Mutt, last month, and willing to join the classes.
    Thank you 🙏.

  4. Thanks and regards.If Tamil version is available, pl forward.Regards.VenkatramaniSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  5. Ganapathy,

    I have been using Aksharamukha for a while. Yes, it is a great tool – I use it for Tamil conversion if needed. Just be aware that it requires post-conversion corrections. I am sure same applies to other languages as well. For instance Chinna kombu vs Periya kombu etc is that it will miss (for example வெ vs வே). This tool will never do the 2nd one for some reason. Please let the Telugu/Kannada readers to watch out for those words.


  6. Great job Ganapathi Subramanian! This makes easy for others to follow their own script!

  7. Why not we have it in Tamil also?
    Can you pl support? Hara Hara Sankara… Jaya Jaya Sankara…

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