Seeking response from devi upasakas in North America

In 2009, when Chicago devotees planned to conduct Maharudram, we went through a process to gather all qualified ritwiks who can potentially participate in such Vedic events. At the end, we collected a database of those individuals, who learnt Vedam through a guru and insisted certain preparatory process before they participate. Over the period of 10 years, Maharudram kind of Vedic events happen almost every month and there has been an increasing participation from many qualified folks. Today organizing a Maharudram is like conducting a Ganapathy homam! Teams here have gained so much experience and wealth of information.

When it comes to Shakthas, historically, this has been kept fairly secretive. Later, Sri Chidanandanathar (also called as Sir) after getting initiation from His guru Sri Guhanandhar, wanted to teach this Vidhya to many and it was koruna that has led to lots of qualified upasakas today in Tamilnadu. While He did that, there was absolutely no compromise in the rigor of a upasaka has to go through. He interacted a lot with Mahaperiyava on the upasana topics and took His guidance as well. It is incredible to see what it takes to take each step in this path. Like Guhanandha Mandali, there are various other mandalis exist throughout India that has produced great gurus and sishyas. Due to global access, there are so many of those people live outside India too. Today, when we want to conduct an event related to Devi, inviting qualified upasakas is relatively easier in India – particularly in Chennai due to existing networks etc. However, doing an event in North America is still a challenge due to lack of network that exist to even identify who are those people and where they live etc. In order to make someone represent Lalitha, typically we need a shodashi upasaki – today it is quite challenging to identify someone like that. Couple of years back, when an event was conducted in Chicago, we were blessed with a shodashi upasaki who was visiting Chicago and she represented Lalitha.

This posting is intended to gather information about those qualified people in US/Canada areas and create a small database of the details of upasakas to be used for right purposes.  This would help in inviting such sadhakas for Devi-related events and make that event lot more authentic. I have no intention to form a WhatsApp group or email list etc. As many know, I am out of WhatsApp and am slowly becoming secluded from other activities due to various commitments.

If you are into Devi upasana with proper mantra upadesam from a guru and interested in sharing some of the basic information, please email me at Once I get the email from you, then I will communicate directly with you on a 1-on-1 basis. Once again, the intent is not to share any of your details with others. If you still have any apprehensions, then please ignore this post.

Intentionally, I am going to disable comments for this posting to ensure privacy.

Thanks in advance

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