Shodasa (16) Namah on Sri Mahaperyva

This is shodasa (16) namah on Sri Mahaperyva. This Shodasa nama describes the important events in his life time.Hope and pray sincerely this shodasa nama will be valued forever to bestow the abundant grace of Pujya Sri Maha Peryval to one and all universally.

Above voice Auditor Sri Chandramouli ji, Mahalingapuram

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  1. rama rama
    in 15th nama
    “तिरो भुतशिवाय ” in Tamil திரோபூ த-சிவாய not நீரோபூ த-சிவாய
    kindly cross check
    mahaperiyava thunai

  2. Jai Ma

    Ananta koti pranam to SriSri Mahaswamigal Who caused this beautiful sign of anugraha to appear through His beloved devotees, especially the ones who composed, recited and who created the blog, the means of transmission.

    Just as those who cause roads to the Mother Ganga to be built benefit fully from the merits of pilgrims traversing those paths, so may all of the above, the special vessels of SriSri Mahaswamigal’s Love, shine wonderfully in every possible way. Our deepest gratitude to them, and humble pranams to Mahaswamigal and His divine entourage that persists to this day.

  3. Thank you. Will start from today in the daily pada pooja.

  4. Jaya Jaya Shankara.

    Do we know who the author of this nAmAvali is?


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