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  1. How respectful our Acharya is of other denominations (Srivaishnava, Madhava)! Rare to see in this world where most are busy criticizing others of different opinion! Jagadguru indeed.

    • Sir for Him
      Human no difference to bugs and bacteria, most of the people do not understand Him including our own Tamilians and other south Indians. He never differentiate any one in any form either human or non-human form.

      • In India the majority follow “Hinduism” which is a religion. It is also interpreted a way of life. It is a family of linked religious cultures bound by shared concepts, recognizable rituals and practices. It includes various denominations each with an interwoven diversity of beliefs and practices. Hindus follow Vedas and Upanishads mainly and ithihasas and puranas play supporting roles.

        “Mandakolathur Subramanian”

  2. Sandhyavandhanam full of Vishnu, we smarthas like SriVaishnavas, no difference. In Sandhyavandhanam “Sankara-Athman” is Narayanan

    • Since Sri Mahavishnu is sakthi component of the force running the Universe, Gayatri japam performed by us adds to Her [His] sakthi. That is why performing more and more of Gayatri helps us get rid of our sanchita karma [Karma baggage of past lives] while protecting us from the praarapta karma [sanchita karma which has started its impact on our present lives] and vardhaman karma [the karma that we have earned in the present].

      If we are wise we will perform more and more of Gayatri. That’s the only way to wriggle out of the cycle of births and births [I consider death as another form of birth]. There is a quid pro quo here: We help the Universal sakthi acquire more strength thro’ our Gayatri, and She rewards us by helping us get rid of karmic baggage.

      • thanks you very well said, that why we give dhashani for Shardha Brahmins to accept those karma by doing 1008 Gayathri.

        We all have to realise (including me) how important Gayathri

  3. We smartaas know the ultimate truth behind the union of Sri Mahavishnu and Sri Mahadeva as the Sakthi-Siva iyekyatuvam which runs the cosmos in its entirety. This union is in the form of Gayatri mantram. One who has realized this by Her Grace has nothing more to learn in this world.

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