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  1. Foreigners take things seriously and sincerely. Not for show, name or fame. The French doctor is a role model for us. Since vidya brings out that what we learnt is only and yet to learn is brahamandam the vinayam automatically comes in Somebody realise and practice. Some though realise do not care for..
    Om namasivya. Om Gurupyo namaha.

  2. I hardly see Vinayam in the present generation children! We are loosing our culture, ethics and other values because of present day of education system. India needs a complete revamp in the education sector. Attention Modi ji and Smita Irani ji!

    • Sri Balaji,

      It is not only children… It is elders – WE… how many road accidents and loss of life in India has happened because of ELDERS, who are HIGHLY EDUCATED and AFFORDABLE… How restless and arrogant the educated people either from IITs or Stanfords…. CULTURE has to be build from home….

      We change ourself as individuals and keep praying to Ambal and Narayanan Swaroopam of Sri Periyava to keep giving us ‘Sath Buthi’ and ‘Shantha Gunam’…. It is not that easy because of our ‘DESIRE’ Smt Bhuvana madam was writing for couple of days back…

      RAM RAM

  3. Vidhya & Vinyam – How thoughtfully explianed by Sri Periyava…. I was blessed to (see) have a darshan of Prof.Dimetrian. He is a French… MD those days with high practice in France… He came to India, attracted and attached with Sri Paramacharya, travelled with His Holiness during Sadara Yatra… For him everything is Paramacharya… He is 92+ now, no one can estimate that… He walks like 60s without any aid… He chants ‘Narayana, Narayan’ and ‘Shiva Shiva’ quite often when we speak…. I am praying to their holiness that we should be blessed with his Bakthi and Vinayam

    Jaya Jaya Shankara & Hara Hara Shankara

    Om Namo Bagawathe Sri Ramanyah

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