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  1. Whatever is mentioned under Divine Thoughts is verily the Truth!
    Shastras and Societal Laws vibrated in unison and complemented one another during earlier times.
    There was no controversy and opposition.
    However,with the invasive influx of English education accompanied by the terrible neglect of our own languages,great denudation and loss has occurred in the understanding of our own terminologies.The final blow of replacing our native systems of Justice and Law with alien systems of Justice has resulted in this breach.
    Shashtras over centuries having been in harmony with Sanatana Dharma paved paths of wisdom and light for us Hindus to live life in the highest possible ways.
    Systems of Law and Justice borrowed from alien lands and transplanted onto our soil do not vibe with our Bharateeya ethos.
    So this is the dilemma our country is facing today.
    How can spiritual and eternal Dharmic laws be in accordance with Social Laws that are based on something so temporal and mundane?
    And so one can understandably imagine what will happen to society at large?
    And this is what is happening in our Bharat today!

  2. Bhuvana GBY

  3. Shannkaraaaaaaaaaaa GBY

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