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  1. Oh! What a wonderful vision! When cash for vote was not in vougue those days Maha Periyava predicted this ! Pranams.

  2. This prescience is something that is possible at the state of a sirendha viveki and Periyava is beyond that.
    See Yennipadigalil Manthargal – In the days of good governance ( i.e. when the good kings were ruling over various domains of Bharatha. varsha) effects of any action or policy of the ruling class will be predicted by ministers who had anusthana balam and their advice used to be accepted by the Ruler.

  3. I do not know the date when the great saint uttered these caution wards, by not giving heed to this we r know in this institution aliased corruption stage.

  4. Long Time Back – How Sri Periyava Opinioned it… Yes He knows, because He is Sakshath Parameswaran

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